What Young Men Prefer About Older Women

If there is one common statement about women who date younger men, this is it: They know what they like and go for what they want. She will not play games, she won't expect you to ignore her words and read her mind. You will be guided on how to please her. The guessing is minimized and open communication rules.

Dames are confident and self-assured. They don't have the psycho emotional instability issues often associated with young women. They know what they feel and why they feel it.

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Young men frequently experience awkward sex; attempting to figure out how to make the female body do what he wants with little to no guidance from his young partner. A sex partner who is just barely more knowledgeable about what you should do to her thanks only to her ability to practice playing with herself. Blokes proudly exclaim that knowledgeable women make for a more fulfilling experience for the guy.

While there is a maturity to the relationship that the young studs like, there is a certain lack of the usual "serious relationship" demands that arise when dating someone your own age. In fact, lots of chaps enjoy being "boy toys" and shown off as a trophy. Interaction may be mature and serious, but the level of commitment required doesn't escalate like it does dating someone of the same age.

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Age: 35
Switzerland, Schwyz
Age: 29
UK, Cambridge
Age: 28
USA, Gilbert
Age: 32
Denmark, Malov
Ella Megablast
Age: 40
Poland, Warsaw
Age: 31
Spain, Madrid
Age: 42
Chile, Concepcion
Age: 20
Turkey, Izmir
Age: 33
Sweden, Stockholm
Age: 39
Czech Republic, Litovel
Age: 35
Italy, Milano
Age: 31
Spain, Barcelona
Age: 39
UK, Manchester
Age: 40
UAE, Dubai
Age: 22
Canada, Kamloops
Age: 43
France, Pornichet