Trophy Wives and Boy Toys

Ladies, have you grown tired of the social hypocrisy that older men can date their young secretaries or personal trainer and yet women aren't allowed the same sexual freedom? Women should be proud of their experiences and feel free to share the stories of cool things they've done with the next generation of men. Dames provide guys with knowledge, skills, and practice on what actually excites and pleases women. Instead of fumbling with no guidance from younger women, these studs appreciate the instruction experienced women provide on what works and what doesn't in turning on a female.

But most of all, a cougar's independence is a turn-on for these guys. Young chicks have a bad reputation for being needy, demanding, and emotionally volatile. A dame's confidence and experience is appreciated now more than ever before. The fellas don't feel pressured to progress the relationship in order to achieve some goal of marriage or a child. An older woman has a "been there, done that" feeling about marriage that is a relief to studs that aren't ready to be put out to pasture. The two sides make a perfect match. Find a friend to have fun with this weekend and register now!

Advice for the Ladies...

Advice for the Gents...

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