Why Date Young Men?

After years of marriage to the same person, a divorcee can frequently treasure the joy of new experiences. When an older woman gets a chance to reboot her life, it is rare for her to remain in the same old routine. One of the defining traits of a cougar is her desire to focus on new experiences, activities, and music. Divorced women get discouraged when they spend time with men their own age and see how trapped in the past they are. So many of them cling to their past and aren't interested in exploring how the world is today. A young man won't be an anchor to this desire of hers.

Of course, there is a more superficial aspect to dating young guys. Let's face it...having a young stud on your arm is great for the ego. It feels good and can help a woman feel ageless and desirable to men that society says shouldn't be sexually attracted to an older woman. After having a man barely pay attention to you as a sexual object for years in a bad marriage, the world seems a much better place the moment a cute guy flirts with you. Add in the fact that a 20-something is the one flirting with you and it is hard not to see that the attention of the hunk is proof that you are not "over the hill" to him.

Older women are finding themselves in control of their finances, their household, their jobs, and now their bedroom. Take control of your dating situation and join the members of Dame.com now!

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