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Sexual Wellness

Dame’s Guide to Masturbation

| 05/03/2021

masturbation guide

We’re big on masturbation at Dame. It’s fun, it’s revelatory, it’s relaxing, it’s literally good for your health. It was hard to choose, but we put together 10 of our favorite posts about the all-important act of self-love.

1. A Beginner’s Guide to Masturbation

“Try stroking your arms and legs and move on to your torso before exploring what you might like genitally.”

2. Why Masturbation Is Good For Your Health

“Orgasms offer everything from stress relief and immune-boosting effects to releasing sleep-inducing chemicals and the relief of menstrual cramps.”

3. A Handy Guide to Mutual Masturbation

mutual masturbation

4. Everyone Is Responsible For Their Own Pleasure

“Lean into your vulnerability a little bit. That’s the point of growth.”

5. Want Intense Orgasms? Practice Mindful Masturbation

“Mindful masturbation can be a pressure-free exploration of sensations that simply feel good.”

6. How Masturbation Went From Sin to Self-Care

“Masturbation was widely considered a risk factor for ailments ranging from blindness to constipation to hairy palms.”

history of masturbation

7. Why It’s Totally Okay (and Healthy) to Masturbate in a Relationship

“Masturbation can actually make you want more partnered sex, not less.”

8. How Do You Masturbate When You Don’t Have Privacy?

masturbation privacy

9. How to Explore BDSM By Yourself

“You can become your own orgasm controller.”

10. A Guide to Sex and Masturbation For Asexual People

“Some asexual folks may not feel interested in partnered sex, but still want to orgasm because of the physiological benefits.”

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