Introducing Alu and Grip!

Introducing Alu and Grip!

Created on 26/08/2019
Updated on 14/10/2022

At Dame, we know that wellness isn’t all yoga and bath bombs — sexual function is an important piece of the puzzle!

Unfortunately, dryness and irritation are common issues among people with vulvas, and can negatively affect your overall quality of life. That’s why lubricant is an essential bedside staple, no matter what your sex life looks like.

But not every lube is created equal. Additives like glycerins and parabens are well-established no-nos, while a poor pH balance or excessive concentrations of compounds can cause discomfort or tenderness. So we started development on a lubricant that would be safe for the vagina, period.

Our research and your feedback suggested that Mother Earth had the answer. Organic aloe juice is a great water-based option, offering compatibility with most toys and condoms. Other plant-derived ingredients provide added bonuses. For example: mushroom extract to promote blood flow, and hemp seed and green tea extracts to ease or prevent inflammation. Isn’t nature the best?

Package it all together in a beautiful blue bottle, and you have Alu: an FDA-cleared, aloe-based lube that’s free of glycerin, parabens, hormones, sugars, and worries. It’s formulated to match the vagina’s pH, and isn’t harshly concentrated, for a gentle glide that helps, not harms. Use it care-free with condoms and toys, and during conception.

All that time spent with our chemistry set made us miss our 3D modeling software, so we also developed Grip, a textured silicone sleeve that hugs your lube bottle. You see, Alu’s bottle is small enough for single-handed pumping (finally!), but many of you told us in surveys and studies that lube slippage was another bedroom blocker. Grip ensures that your feats of finger strength won’t launch your bottle across the room — as cool as that might sound.

Plus, introducing subscriptions! If you sign up for a monthly or every-other-monthly Alu delivery, you’ll get 10% off every time, plus $4 off a Grip of your own. That means no more late-night runs to the drugstore, awkward cashier interactions, or bottle ballistics. Enjoy!

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