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Dame's Guide to Sexual Identity

Created on 02/07/2021
Updated on 13/10/2022

For Pride Month, Dame is exploring how our sexualities are the sum of all our parts, places, and experiences. Here are 10 of our favorite posts about how to better understand your sexuality, orientation, and gender identity.

1. What to Do If You're Questioning Your Gender Identity

"The best thing you can do is to take your time and give yourself room to explore."

2. What Happens to a Relationship When One Partner Comes Out

"It’s the same person. It’s a different shell. It’s a different presentation, but it’s the same inside."

3. Busting Harmful Myths About Bisexuality

4. Do Queer Women Have Better Sex Than Hetero Women?

“It takes a level of owning one’s identity to come out, and that could translate into owning what you want in the bedroom.”

5. Tips on Queer Dating When You Come Out Later in Life

"Connecting to other queer people is a valuable way to gain support—and potentially meet cuties."

6. What It's Like to Be Constantly Misgendered

7. How to Celebrate Pride if You’re Not Into Parades

8. Debunking the Lesbian Bed Death Myth

two lesbians intertwined in a sexual act

9. What Is Graysexuality? A Kinsey Researcher Explains

“The experience of graysexuality likely existed before the term, but the label itself is relatively new.”

10. A Guide to Sex and Masturbation For Asexual People

"Some asexual folks may not feel interested in partnered sex, but still want to orgasm because of the physiological benefits."

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