What's In Your Nightstand, Gigi Engle?

What's In Your Nightstand, Gigi Engle?

Created on 07/03/2018
Updated on 13/10/2022
Welcome to our first installment of a new feature— What's In Your Nightstand? Every month we'll highlight one of our favorite sex-positive ladies as they give us the quick 'n dirty about what's in their bedside drawer. Gigi Engle, sex writer/sexpert extraordinaire, was brave enough to be our very first guinea pig!
So, we have to ask the titular question...what's in your nightstand!? My nightstand has the usual things: My retainer, Advil, melatonin, and my ambien. I have to have all the goodies in reachable distance so I can get to them at a moment's notice. I can't be hungover and not have Advil at the ready. My nightstand contains some lacy-ass underwear, a riding crop, post-play wipes from Sustain, condoms, Fin from Dame -- and my Le Wand is in a bin next to the bed because it doesn't fit in any drawer.
Illustration by Lea Carey

What's the sexiest thing in your nightstand? I'd say the Fin is the sexiest thing, even though it's a cute little toy. People are always very intrigued by it and want to know what it does -- which is a LOT.

What's the most practical thing in your nightstand? Definitely the post-play wipes. After a masturbation or sex sesh the last thing you want to do is hop in the shower or wash your toys in the sink. Super unsexy. Instead, you can grab these awesome, scentless, organic wipes and get cleaned up right then an there. It's a game-changer - especially for sex right before bed.

What's the weirdest thing in your nightstand? I'd say the weirdest thing is the riding crop. People are always confused when they see it in there. I actually don't use it that often. I just love the shock value.

If your house was burning down and you only had time to grab one thing, what would it be? I'd have to say my prescription drugs. Those are hard to come by. I'd be sad to leave my sex toys though. They have been through so much with me - the good times and the bad times!

Anything you're dying to add to your collection? My house it so overrun with sex toys the idea of having more is kind of overwhelming. I do really want a Mina Limon though. I've given it away as part of feedback for pieces I'm writing, but I haven't gotten my own. I also am OBSESSED with 1908 marijuana chocolate. I got some samples and have never slept better in my life. I for sure need to add those to my regular nightly routine.

What would you tell someone ashamed of their nightstand? OWN IT. Your nightstand is YOUR business and anyone who makes you feel shitty about it has no business being in your bed. Sex toys rule and a truly empowered woman should ROCK it.

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