Your February Sexoscope

Your February Sexoscope

Created on 01/02/2018
Updated on 13/10/2022
As the first couple of days of February require emotional recovery from the last full moon of January, the light at the end of the tunnel is bright. As more planets join the sun in Aquarius an extra chill vibe overcomes us all. Everything feels a little lighter and less attached during this time of year, and we’re going to be able to process some of the hurts from past months. The new moon shortly after Valentine’s encourages power through knowledge — using all experience and education to move forward confidently. Everybody knows something you don’t know, and the opportunity to connect on more intimate topics presents itself if we listen. Towards the end of the month more energies shift into Pisces, a very romantic, sensual sign. This combination of knowledgable Aquarius and sensual Pisces will get everyone wanting to know themselves, and others, much much deeper. Come on in, the water's fine!
Aries (March 21-April 19)
January ended with a bang just like it started and the first couple of days of February you’ll be feeling a bit drained. Although a lot has been taken out of you, you’ve also realized so much about yourself. Burn all the sage! As you start to recognize the relationships in your life that have fizzled out don't waste time to cut these cords. Energetically cut out bad vibes without hesitation and watch the weight lift off. The root causes of anxiety will be clearer than ever, and you're likely to see the baggage from old experiences and traumas release just as smoothly. February is going to be deep and healing for you, and by the new moon on the 15th you are fully in this flow naturally and feeling lighter than ever. Embrace this cleansing energy by incorporating water into your life as much as possible — more baths, more floating candles, and practicing slow sex. Get as wet as possible (and you know exactly what I mean). You're basically going to be a newborn, weightless, ready for anything worker bee in March; so be sure to enjoy this slow, releasing, slippery fun month. Order a waterproof toy meow, thank me later!
Taurus (April 20-May 20)
This month starts off with finishing up home projects and big changes you started at the end of January. Finish sprucing up and getting supplies needed for winter- it's always a long one for sun loving you. By the 8th on you are bubbling with new ideas, and feeling more motivated than ever to incorporate your creativity into work. The planets are on your side right now for conquering — and confidently contributing to your career growth. YOU GOT THIS. People will be demanding more ideas once you get going. On the other side of life, you’ll be extra romantic towards your crush and dive right into the V-Day hooplah. There seems to be a spiritual theme for you right now, and as you incorporate this vibe into your work and home life, bring it to your sex life. Focus and note your mental state, along with your emotional and physical — just because it works doesn’t mean its all it could be. There is potential to conquer right now, and it starts with you checking in with your mind, body and spirit for hints. The full moon in Virgo on the 29th could be a moment of insight to what you need a little bit more of sensually, and it could also be right in front of you…
Gemini (May 21-June 20)
As the air starts to clear up from all sorts of communication blocks and misunderstandings in January everything is looking much more hopeful. Tension will be lifting naturally throughout the beginning of this month and everyone seems much happier, finally. Travel and travel planning is going to be the main theme for you this month and the planets are ushering much luck your way. As long as you stay on budget, and double check your schedule, you have a ton to look forward to this year as far as getting around goes. As Mars dances in your house of romance you’ll be interested in making love slowly to yourself and others. A deeper connection is necessary to get off this month, and the planets want to make sure you feel special — isn’t that adorable?! Love yourself and watch it radiate. Money is on your mind as February ends…were you due for a promotion/ raise?? Check on that, maybe push for that.
Cancer (June 21-July 22)
The first week of February you’ll likely be in recovery mode and getting your confidence back from a couple bumps in the road. Shake it off Cancer, you still got it. The planets take a sharp turn for the better as your 8th house of transformation is highlighted, and the changes needed for more security are clear. Your horizons are also being broadened, pay attention to any new ideas brought up even if they are something you dismissed before. Trying something wild could get you going wild, and maybe coming more than before. There is a good chance that opening up to receiving instead of giving so much will be exactly the confidence boost you need. This boost could last months, so yeah, top priority. Wrap up February by checking on those financial changes and to-do’s you meant to accomplish before staying in the bedroom for a couple days.
Leo (July 23-August 22)
You ring in the month of romance with a loving vibe and rose colored glasses. Everyone is going to be gravitating towards you as you give off this incredible warm energy, and your love interest will take note as well. The buzz dies down when you're pushed to answer some deeper questions about your relationship and maybe aren’t ready. Trust issues may be identified, and it could be time to heal if you are ready. Either way, it is a time to reboot from negative influences in your relationships. Going deep into your own psychology isn’t exactly a turn on, so set aside “me time” to not fall behind on your needs. Even if it means relying on old faithful ways of getting off, its more important for your mental health than you think! Your senses crave indulgence as February ends and you want to touch, smell, taste and observe it all. Wine and dine, buy fresh flowers, and research some natural aphrodisiacs — you’ll be pleasantly surprised with the combinations.
Virgo (August 23-September 22)
With many planets in your 7th house of romance and relationships things are going very well for you this month modest Virgo. You're feeling yourself, getting invites left and right, and very much so in the mood. One problem: you don’t want to do it at your place right now. Whatever this turn off is lurking at your home-base, plot a change now. You put too much work into creating a space to let something ruin it! Once thats dealt with, February is smooth sailing as you continue to work on yourself, fitness, and enjoying the people you love. Some new ideas for self improvement will come along with this, but don’t let yourself get overwhelmed. You have a habit of wanting to do better when your already doing great, and then getting mad at yourself. Anyway, enjoy yourself and take note to how this confidence improves the vibe of so many environments — you got the power!
Libra (September 23-October 22)
Pump the breaks the first week of February as you splurge and open your wallet a bit too much. You're in the mood to indulge and entertain, but haven’t had any big boosts in the income department to match this new attitude. We all go through this kind of period at least once a year. So just slow down, and you’ll be happy to realize there are many opportunities for what you desire for far less, or even free. Research is a powerful tool! A big theme for you sexually this month is communication. As Mars stays comfy in your 3rd house of connections and talking, you want to talk dirty, and hear more verbal feedback than usual. This will get hot fast, so have time! On the 18th on you're going to start rebooting your career, and looking into how you can impact those you work with more to get ahead. Networking possibilities are all around you and this will lead well into March.
Scorpio (October 23-November 21)
After focusing on the big picture for awhile, this month you are focused more on your home life and close relationships. With so many planets in your 4th house, now is a great time to move furniture around and clean out old items. This lifts quite a bit of energy off your shoulders, burn sage to completely clear it out! Creatively you have some emotions to get out and likely already have ideas for artistic projects you’ve put aside. Getting these juices going will also get your libido going again if you’ve, um, had a dry spell. The more you put time and energy into expression this month, the more you will see the benefits later. Everything starts to smooth out once you're back in the saddle, and getting fresh ideas at work. You take on so much weight when funks happen, but the planets are going to boost you back up little by little this month. Business is booming the last couple days of February around the full moon, and thats always a turn on for you.
Sagittarius (November 22-December 21)
You have money on your mind, and that only happens once in awhile so your friends are probably getting a kick out of it. As you line up your bills, taxes, act like a grown up, and pay off some debts, you’ll be significantly less stressed than how last month ended. The whole month of February is busy for you and you’ll keep on filling that schedule. Don’t forget about your partner or put them on the back burner. Don’t rush time together. Ground yourself back down and you’ll remember how good an hour, even 20 minutes, can be. Just in case you aren’t busy enough, the last week of the month you’ll be interested in taking on a new study. Maybe it’s just a hobby, a formal class, or something you have been meaning to try for awhile despite barely having time. Hey, if anybody can run on a couple of hours of sleep and a few snacks, it’s you Sagittarius.
Capricorn (December 22-January 19)
This month starts off with many career and financial opportunities being presented to you, mainly without effort. Analyze them all, you're great at that, and be proud of the work you did to get there. After the 11th you become more focused on yourself, and loosening up. Have you become a little too serious or work oriented? What did you used to really enjoy as a kid to clear your mind? Connect back to yourself, and allow yourself to balance back out emotionally. After this, but maybe a couple days short of V-Day, you’ll be back to your horny goat self and ready to get down more frequently. Don’t hope for snow days, play hooky and let off some steam + burn some calories in the bedroom. All orgasms put off previously will come back with a vengeance giving you a glow for days after.
Aquarius (January 20-February 18)
What an exciting month this will be for you Aquarius, which says a lot considering how hard it is to excite you! As multiple planets hang out in your sign and 1st house you’ll be focused on changing up how everyone sees you. Surprise them and keep everyone guessing your next move. Embrace your spontaneous side and detach from some cords you have picked up over the past year. There is so much knowledge you have in all fields, and sharing some more knowledge of your sexual likes and dislikes to your partners will improve that department greatly. Up until the 19th you’ll be in tune with the planetary energies and flows of changes, but that gets harder come the end of February. If you find yourself second guessing everything, and holding back intimately, find out what you can do to pamper yourself. It is birthday season after all. A good massage or meditation class should be just what you need to release some (probably work related) tension.
Pisces (February 19-March 20)
The line between reality and fantasy becomes fine the first couple weeks of February. Nothing you aren’t used to Pisces, and this 12th house influence induces day dreams and sexual desires. Indulge into this mentally sensual time and share your thoughts as much as possible. Later in the month a strong interest in the esoteric, or occult practices may strike you. This again is familiar territory, and studying some topics such as astrology, fortune telling, and intuition development could benefit multiple areas of your life. Towards the full moon at the very end of the month attention could shift towards you at work. Criticism is going to be constructive, and even if it feels like all eyes are on you, your skills are stronger than your weaknesses. Potential is getting recognized so stay confident, and get off at night for extra confidence during the day.

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