Gonorrhea & Chlamydia STI Kit - 1 Site


STI Testing in the comfort of your own home. Choose which kit is right for you based on the body parts you use for sex.

Select this kit for sexual experiences using only your genitals. For sexual experiences using your genitals, mouth, and or butt, see Gonorrhea & Chlamydia STI Kit - 3 Site.


60 Day Returns + Discreet Shipping

Not available for customers in New York


Discreetly packaged at-home tests designed for a safe and pleasurable experience. 

Step-by-step instructions provided for sample collection. 

All orders are reviewed by providers licensed in the state of collection and processed by CLIA/CAP certified lab. Results are shared via a secure portal and a medical professional will reach out to discuss any abnormal or positive result.  

Not available for customers in New York.


All test kits include the following:

Tray insert with a QR code & URL  to access the Dame patient portal

Collection devices and all required collection materials (lancets, bandaids, swabs, etc.)

Step by step instructions for each collection device

Collection labels adhered to each device to provide your Name, Date of Birth, and Collection Date required for lab processing

A polymailer with a prepaid USPS return shipping label adhered

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STI Kit Testing FAQs

What do I do once I receive my kit?

As soon as you receive your kit, start by registering it at dame.ashwellness.io (a link to this will be provided in your testing kit.) This portal is the home to all things at-home testing. It will walk you through the step by step process, including instructional videos for sample collection, and provide status updates, including your final results. You will also receive written instructions in your testing kit walking through the sample collection and return process. 

Once you have collected your samples using the instructions provided, be sure to send it back to the lab ASAP. Samples have a stability window and the longer you wait to return your kit, the more likely the lab will not be able to process it. Your kit will come with a polymailer and prepaid return label, so all you have to do is seal it up and drop it off at your nearest USPS location!

How do I return my samples?

Be sure to return your kit as soon as possible after collecting your samples.  Samples have a stability window and the longer you wait to return your kit, the more likely the lab will not be able to process it.

Once you are ready to return your kit, follow the below instructions: 

1. Place your completed samples inside the biohazard bag in accordance with the instructions provided. 

2. Place your bagged sample into the box your kit originally arrived in and tuck the flaps at the front of the lid into the sides to secure it.

3. Place your filled box into the polymailer bag provided. The polymailer will have a return shipping label pre-adhered.

4. Bring your test kit to your nearest USPS drop-off and you are all set!