The Ultimate Bedroom Duo

The Ultimate Bedroom Duo

Created on 01/03/2019
Updated on 14/10/2022

By Colleen Godin

How often does the perfect pair come along — in life, in romance, in your sex toy drawer? Not that often, we'll tell you! But we at Dame think there's a new match in town that'll cozy up to one of our favorite vibrators like a cat to an open laptop.

When you think “sex toy pairing,” you're probably dreaming up a combo of a dildo and a finger vibe, or a butt plug and a cock ring. But this time, we’re talking about a pillow. Hear us out, we promise it'll be good.

All those toy-centric sex positions you dig — like your partner entering you from behind while you hold a vibe to your pleasure parts, or that little raise-of-the-hips dance you do while going hand-solo in bed — are about to get better and easier. That's exactly why we created Pillo, a new goodie from Dame that, for the first time, doesn’t vibrate.

Meet Pillo – It's Literally a Pillow, for Sex

Pillo is a sturdy piece of sex furniture that's small enough to hide in a tiny apartment, but big enough to handle all your sex antics.

Pillo is shaped something like a half moon, and it's much thicker on one end than the other. Inside Pillo's soft outer case lies a thick ol' piece of graduated foam. This foam is soft enough to cushion the blows during, shall we say, “impactful” sex, yet firm enough to add some lift to your favorite sex positions.

Lie down on Pillo with your booty over the raised edge and you'll wonder why you ever strained your back in vain to reach your partner's thrusting pelvis. Flip over and place Pillo under your hips, and you'll feel the difference a few inches can make in reaching your most sensitive internal pleasure parts. There's a lot more you can do with Pillo, but we'll get to that later.

Pillo also comes equipped with two side straps in case you need to grab a hold of some reigns during your wild ride. If Pillo gets as wet as you do during coitus, just unzip the cover and give it a gentle wash in the sink or washing machine.

During PG-rated moments of you day, Pillo is the ideal place to rest your laptop, elevate your legs, or lean against like an old, squishy friend.

Eva, Meet Pillo

Meet Pillo’s partner in crime: Eva II, our wearable vibrator.

For the unenlightened, the Eva is our OG vibe, the orgasmic enhancer that started it all. It’s shaped like a cute little bug, or the female reproductive system, depending on how you look at it. Those bendy arms tuck into your outer labia, and the vibrator sits right on top of your clitoris and sensitive inner lips.

Why would you need to wear your vibrator? For hands-free orgasms during sex and masturbation, of course!

While your partner is penetrating you, or while you're doin' the dirty yourself with a dildo, it can get kind of distracting to keep up the balancing act of vibe-on-clit while you wriggle around chasing pleasure. Some positions make it almost impossible to even fit a vibrator into the mix.

So instead of holding a vibe with your hands, why not let your outer labia do all the work? Eva's flexible arms are gentle, so they'll take good care of your delicate lips while spreading them open so the vibe's rumbly motor can access your clitoris.

Eva and Pillo Sittin' in a Tree...

By now you probably know where this is going. What Eva does for your privates – that is, assists your orgasm by circumventing physical barriers and freeing your hands – Pillo does for your whole body. So now, instead of crushing your clitoris with a vibrator while trying to angle your butt and hold it at the exact right position so your vibe-holding arm doesn't lose circulation (jeez, just talking about it sounds exhausting!), let us illustrate your new sexual situation.

Imagine your gorgeous bum raised perfectly in the air to meet your partner's every hip thrust. Imagine your clitoris engulfed in vibrations while your hands roam your partner's chest and squeeze their delectable butt. Imagine your back and leg muscles completely relaxed as your partner goes to town, no longer fearing your makeshift pillow tower will fall at just the wrong moment, or that you'll drop your vibrator while trying to hold that impossible legs-over-head position.

If you're flying solo, then picture these scenarios instead: Your hands glide over your nipples as Pillo effortlessly supports your hips. You grab an insertable toy and find that it takes zero effort to maneuver it into your wet parts, perfectly spread by the buzzing Eva, without any need to strain your back into that hips-up position you like. As you climax, Pillo is there like a soulmate who supports your ecstatic, trembling body while cushioning your pelvis post-orgasm.

Pillo and Eva are both made to do one thing: Make. Sex. Easier.

We think you'll have no problem inventing new ways to prop up your bod with Pillo while creating big O's with Eva. But don't take our word for it. This is one twin flame toy pairing you've just got to try out yourself.

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