Meet Kip

Meet Kip

Created on 19/03/2019
Updated on 14/10/2022

We’re happy to introduce Kip, a small, powerful vibrator that puts pleasure-enhancing features into a familiar, user-friendly package. Kip has an ergonomic, easily-graspable silicone body and an angled end that flutters at the tip. Despite its size, Kip’s motor is no joke, delivering a deep rumble in its clit-enveloping cup. It’s small, quiet, and waterproof, making it perfect for adventures in the bedroom, bathtub, and across the globe. And it’s USB rechargeable and easy to clean, so you can spend your playtime playing.

In working with our Dame Labs community to understand what people want from their pleasure tools, we saw that simplicity and familiarity are important. Small, point-and-buzz concepts like bullets and lipstick vibes stood out as crowd favorites, and offered a confusion-free experience. Straight-shaped vibrators also presented an easy to understand form factor compared to the many exotic curves and protrusions available on the market. So we set to work on a Dame-quality lipstick vibe that would bring stimulating new life to a tried-and-true type of toy.

We stumbled onto the benefits of a triangular shape while researching ergonomic pencil grips. We think our silicone is the best in the biz, and we were excited to apply it to a body that would fit in your hand like a dream, for a pleasingly-grippable experience. We were also intrigued by two of the features that were tester favorites: a flutter tip and a clitoral cup. A pinpoint nib allowed prototype testers to enjoy Kip’s vibration exactly where they wanted it, while the gentle concavity of its cupped face could provide an all-over vulval rumble.

With the help of over 1400 survey responders, 131 focus group participants, and almost 100 prototype testers aged 19-74, we added exciting new features and lots of power to a concept that needed a human-first design update. Whether you’re buying your first vibrator ever, or your first one in 30 years, Kip will feel like an old friend in your hands, and a new lover anywhere you want.

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