Dame's Favorite Wellness Products

Dame's Favorite Wellness Products

Created on 07/12/2022
Updated on 08/12/2022

Temperatures are cooling. The holiday season is upon us, which no matter how you slice it, asks a lot of our energetic reserves. It's a good time to start cultivating those self-care rituals. As the nights get longer, take extra time to get in touch with yourself, your body, and your pleasure through exploring some of our favorite wellness items. 

Retailers like Sephora, Bloomingdales, and Anthropologie are paving the way for women’s wellness products to be stocked on their shelves, making sexual wellness more accessible than ever before. Let’s walk through a few of our faves. 

  1. Well Kept Bath Milk is a blend of moisturizers and epsom salt to enrich your bath time routine. Its key ingredients of epsom salt, coconut milk, and essential oils make for the perfect relaxing experience, even helping with inflammation or menstrual cramps. 

  2. Soothe Calming Cream is a soothing skin cream that calms redness, inflammation, and reduces swelling on damaged skin. It’s sensitive enough to use on any part of your body, so it’s great to keep on hand for itchiness caused by dry skin, waxing, and even razor burn. 

  3. Hello Cake Tush Cush Lube is a playful name for a powerful lubricant designed specifically for anal play. Made up of a combo of water-based and silicone-based lubricant, Tush Cush Lube enhances comfort and can withstand long periods of play.

  4. Womaness’s Daily V Soothe takes on an all too common and yet still taboo topic: every day vaginal dryness. Womaness is a line of sexual wellness products designed specifically to fill the gap in care for menopausal women and, among this population, nearly 1 in 3 report regular vaginal dryness. Daily V Soothe helps increase every day comfort as well as help women stay prepared for play.

  5. Nakey’s Muff Masque is exactly what it sounds like: a moisturizing sheet mask for your vulva. Leaving your vulva feeling rejuvenated, hydrated, and even celebrated, Muff Masque is a nice addition to your medicine cabinet.

  6. First Aid Beauty’s Ingrown Hair Pad can be used anywhere you shave or might encounter an ingrown hair. These single-use pads gently exfoliate skin to slough away dead skin cells, helping to prevent painful ingrown hairs and razor burn. 

  7. Kate McLeod’s Sex Stone is a solid body moisturizer that is the perfect tool for self-foreplay. Simply warm the stone in your hands and rub all over your body. While you’re moving the stone across your skin, pay close attention to the nipples, the nape of your neck, your feet, and any other erogenous zone that gets you ready.

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