Give the Gift of Sexual Wellness This Year

Give the Gift of Sexual Wellness This Year

Created on 19/11/2023
Updated on 19/11/2023

'Tis the season to spice up the festivities with a gift guide that's not afraid to unwrap a little excitement. Our carefully curated selection of sexual wellness products is here to add a touch of intimacy and joy to your holiday celebrations. Whether you're looking to ignite the flame in a long-term relationship or surprise a special someone with a sensual treat, our holiday gift guide has something for everyone. 

From period hygiene and relief to innovative sex toys, we've got the perfect presents to turn up the heat (and comfort) and make this holiday season one to remember. Explore the intimate side of gifting and give the gift of pleasure and connection. After all, 'tis the season for love, laughter, and a little extra sizzle!

Dame Vibes

We’d be remiss to not shamelessly plug our made by women for women vibrators. Whether you’re selecting your first vibrator or exploring a new adventure on your pleasure journey, Dame’s got the tool to get you there. Not sure which vibe is right for you? Take our quiz!

Cora Heat Relief Patch

Cora’s heat relief patch offers pain relief where you most need it, when you most need it. For menstrual cramps, place the patch either on your abdomen, lower back, or both for up to 8 hours of targeted heat pain relief.

L. Foam Feminine Wash–Period Care

L. has designed their feminine washes to be tailored to where you’re at on your menstrual cycle. Their Period Care wash specifically targets your vulva’s changing PH during your menstruation period, offering a holistic and gentle clean feeling. 

Milli Vaginal Dilator

Lots of women experience vaginal tightness. Whether it’s because of childbirth, trauma, or any other reason, vaginismus and painful penetration can feel debilitating. Vaginal dilators have become a mainstay in treating vaginal tightness, but Milli has brought the vaginal dilator well into the 21st century. It is self-expanding and offers a vibrating option, allowing the user to customize their treatment in a way that feels good.

Vibrating Ohnut Ring

Ohnut has long been a Dame fave in making pleasure accessible and, well, pleasurable for all. Their squishy and stretchy depth-limiting rings allow couples to customize the depth of their penetration so they can focus on enjoying penetrative sex comfortably. Adding a little (or big, depending on what you’re into) rumble to these rings might be just the tool you need to make the most out of your pleasure.

Womanizer Wave Shower Head

Many of us know how fun a hand-held shower head can be. Womanizer has taken this household pleasure tool to the next level by combining a discreet-looking shower head with a water massage clitoral stimulator. You can customize the sensations with different water jets and pressure. Bonus: it looks like a shower head, so you can rest assured that you can be as discreet as you wish. 

Kindra Daily Vaginal Lotion

Kindra’s Daily Vaginal Lotion features skin-critical vitamins E and B3 to support skin-moisture barrier healing. When you use it daily, you’ll feel dramatic improvements in vaginal and vulvar dryness. What’s even better: it’s risk-free to try. You can return your lotion within 30 days if you’re not feeling improvements in intimate dryness.

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