Dame Socks


We love using science to help us increase intimacy, and there are times when cool data really knock our socks off. Like when researchers at the University of Groningen found a simple way to increase pleasure — just wear warm socks! In their study, ~80% of couples reached orgasm while wearing socks, while only ~50% managed to climax without them. By adding a layer of comfort, couples increased feelings of safety and lowered anxiety. We believe the more vulnerable we allow ourselves to be during sex, the closer we feel to each other. What better way to get rid of cold feet and close the pleasure gap?

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These Dame Blue socks are unisex, breathable, and irresistibly eye-catching. 

  • 70% Cotton, 22% Spandex, 6% Elastic, and 2% Nylon. 
  • Designed in NYC, made in China.
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