The Ten Strongest Vibrators: Getting The Most Bang For Your Buck
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The Ten Strongest Vibrators: Getting The Most Bang For Your Buck

Created on 24/08/2021
Updated on 14/10/2022

Alexandra Fine, Credentialed Sexologist, M. Psych | Written by Dame

“Bigger is better.”

You hear that cliché throughout your life – but once you’ve had even a small amount of sexual experience, you understand that it’s not always true.

What about stronger? Is that always better?

Well, research has shown that “women are sexually attracted to the strongest looking men.” And Guinness certainly doesn’t list records for the “world’s weakest man” or “world’s weakest woman.”

But experience has also taught many vulva-havers (and some penis-havers) that stronger isn’t always better in bed, either. Slow and sensuous – instead of hard and uninhibited – is often the path to the promised land.

That doesn’t mean, however, that strong, powerful sexual stimulation is a bad thing. For some, it’s the only way they can reach orgasm. For others, it has a definite time and place in their sex life.

And while there’s nothing wrong with a dildo, the most reliable source of powerful stimulation is an ultra-strong vibrator.

Lots of companies promise that their toys deliver the strongest sensations available. Not as many deliver on those promises.

Let’s separate the strong from the strongest – after a brief look at the criteria you should use to choose the right vibrator for your needs.

A Quick Vibrator Buying Guide

Some vibes are flimsy and cheap. Others may be the wrong type of toy for the type of sexual activity you have in mind. And some may even be hazardous to your health. So it’s important to weed out the vibrators you shouldn’t buy, before we get to the question “how strong is it?”


Back in the days when you had to buy your toys in a sex shop, it was relatively easy to get a general idea of a vibrator’s quality. You just had to look at it (and maybe, sneak open the package to examine it more closely).

Today, most people purchase their vibes online. That gives us the first rule-of-thumb: patronize a reputable manufacturer, rather than searching for the biggest bargain on Amazon. Bargains are great, but remember: you’re going to be putting this toy onto or into your genitals. This isn’t the time to go dumpster diving.

The producers to check out include Dame Products, Babeland, Lovehoney, Sweet Vibrations and The Pleasure Chest. They all have a large selection of high-quality sex toys to choose from, along with a long history of reliability.

If you’re patronizing another vendor, it’s crucial to make sure that the vibrator you purchase is body safe. Medical-grade silicone and skin-safe rubber are the best material choices, and ABS plastic is also safe; avoid so-called “jelly rubber” and PVC (polyvinyl chloride) vibes, which often contain hazardous materials called phthalates.

There are two more issues to consider.

“Nonporous” materials like silicone, ABS plastic, and body-safe metals and glass are less likely to harbor bacteria and other nasty stuff between uses, because they don’t have tiny holes where germs can hang out and grow. They’re easier to clean, too. Most of them will be hard and stiff, though. Silicone is more flexible and the best of both worlds, but that brings us to the second issue: you can’t use silicone lube with silicone toys, because the lube will destroy them over time.

Type of Vibrator

It’s possible to unscrew a flat screw with a Phillips head screwdriver, but it won’t be easy.

Similarly, you can reach clitoral orgasm with a vibrator designed for internal use. But it won’t be as easy as it should be.

Moral of the story: choose the right tool (or toy).

Not all vibes fit neatly into just a few categories, but here’s a general rundown of the different types of vibrators you can choose from.

  • Clitoral vibrators: Designed primarily to be used on the clitoris and the labia; most are small (and often discreet) toys capable of pinpoint stimulation. Bullet vibrators, finger vibrators and split-tip vibes (with two tips to surround the clitoris), plus much-larger magic wand vibrators, are the most common styles. A variation is the suction vibe, which mimics the feel of oral sex.
  • Internal vibrators: These are the ones that look like penises, designed for penetration. The most popular varieties are curved so they can reach the G-spot. Remote control egg vibrators are a smaller option.
  • Combo vibrators: “Combo” refers to simultaneous internal and external stimulation. The toy that defines the category is the rabbit vibrator, with two vibrating “bunny ears” that stimulate the clitoris and a longer vibrating wand for penetration.
  • Anal vibrators and cock rings: They’re both fun to use, but not really germane to this discussion of the strongest vibrators.

When you know the type of stimulation that’s most “important” to your satisfaction, it’s easy to narrow down the field. (Pro tip: there’s no law against buying more than one type of vibrator!)


No, not that kind of power; we’re talking about power source. Do you want the convenience of a cordless vibrator, or the (supposed) extra oomph that a plug-in vibe can deliver?

It’s a personal decision, of course. Most people aren’t thrilled about being “tethered to the wall” when they’re in the middle of a pleasure session, so cordless models are much more popular than plug-in ones. There’s good news, though: you don’t have to use a toy with a power cord to have a strong and satisfying experience. Some handheld vibes are among the strongest vibrators available.

There’s one disqualifier, though. Vibrators with replaceable batteries will always be in last place when it comes to strength. Rechargeable models are the only way to go.


Any decent vibrator will allow you to select different speeds or intensity levels, but just as important is a good selection of vibration modes. For most people, the availability of multiple vibration patterns is more desirable than the ability to choose between “fast” and “slow.” And a toy that’s waterproof can not only make life easier, but more fun as well.

Types of Vibrations

Connoisseurs actually have terms to describe the types of vibrations that sex toys can produce. Some sensations are “buzzy,” more exciting than powerful; “rumbly” vibrations are able to deliver the ultra-strong power that can shake a user’s world. Some adjustable vibes are able to create both types of sensations – but the models designed specifically to rumble are likely to be the best vibrators for those who are power-hungry.

The 10 Strongest Vibrators

1. Dame Products Arc

As you read through these reviews, you’ll realize that most of the strongest vibes on the market are vibrators designed for external stimulation. We’ve found, though, that the strongest of all is an internal model.

The Dame Arc is a precisely-designed internal toy that delivers the deep, intense, rumbly vibrations that – to our minds – define “strong” and satisfying. It’s curved to provide G-spot stimulation via a flexible and squishy bulb at the end of the ergonomic handle. And the silicone is quite flexible, making it easy to target the exact spots you want to hit.

The Arc is made from waterproof, medical-grade silicone, with five selectable intensities and five selectable vibration patterns. That allows you to choose the exact strength and type of vibrations that will get you off, exactly the way you want. There’s another cool feature, too; there’s a built-in ridge on the silicone head so it can also be used as an external vibe for strong clitoral stimulation, if desired.

This vibrator is one of the many that disproves “common wisdom” that the strongest vibrators are all plug-in models. It’s a USB-rechargeable model which runs for at least 1½ hours on a charge, and even longer if you don’t use the highest settings. Recharging takes two hours.

Quite honestly, we wish that Dame supplied specifications like motor RPMs, so it would be easier to compare its specifications with competitive toys. But experience is good enough for us; with tremendous power, lots of versatility, a moderate price tag and a three-year limited warranty, the Arc is the strongest internal/g-spot vibrator you can buy.

(The Lelo Gigi internal vibrator may be more popular, but it delivers a very different experience, Its pulsing vibrations can’t compare to the rumbly strength of the Arc.)

2. Magic Wand Plus – Lovehoney

The Magic Wand (formerly called the Hitachi Magic Wand) has been legendary ever since Samantha bought her “body massager” on Sex in the City, and the Magic Wand Plus is that famed vibrator on steroids.

This powerful wand vibrator is probably what you visualize when you think of strong vibrators designed for clitoral stimulation. It’s large, relatively heavy – and has to be used while plugged into the wall. Being tethered, of course, may cramp your style; there is a rechargeable version, but it doesn’t deliver extra-powerful, rumbly vibrations that match those of the plug-in model.

This vibrator has a large, soft silicone head, a flexible “neck” and a plastic body which makes the Magic Wand Plus somewhat lighter than other wand massagers. It doesn’t offer a variety of vibration modes, but the intensities range from 2700 and 3800 RPM (for first-time or sensitive users) up to powerful 5400 and 6300 RPM speeds.

As you’ll see in a moment, that’s not the most powerful motor you can find in a vibrator. But speed isn’t everything. The Magic Wand Plus is the best wand vibrator on the market because the sensations it delivers feel more powerful than the competition’s.

3. Doxy Die Cast

This thing is, quite simply, a monster. It’s a hefty vibrator because of to its body, which is made from an aluminum-titanium alloy. The company claims that the extra weight increases the throbbing sensations the Doxy delivers, but we think it ends up absorbing much of the vibration. That could be why this vibe’s top speed of 9000 RPM doesn’t feel any more powerful than the Magic Wand’s 6300 RPM. Or it might be the fact that the “throbbing” sensation doesn’t seem to be quite as powerful as the Magic Wand’s rumbles.

Nevertheless, buckle yourself in when you pick this baby up, since it still packs a real punch. You can choose vibration settings from 3000 RPM to the 9000 RPM we’ve mentioned, and the top-end speed is so shaky that the optional attachments you can buy often fall right off of the silicone-covered head. There’s also an escalating pulse mode that can vary the experience – if you even need to.

The Doxy Die Cast is a plug-in model, with the restrictions that accompany any non-cordless model. The cord is ten feet long, though, which is a vast improvement over the three-foot cords that come with most competitive models. It’s also twice expensive as most competitors, which is another reason we rank it below the Magic Wand. Even so – it’s a powerhouse.

4. Le Wand Rechargeable Vibrating Massager

The strongest rechargeable wand vibrator? It’s unquestionably Le Wand, which is also the most versatile wand massager you can find.

Let’s start with this vibe’s ten different selectable speeds – all rumbly – and its 20 unique vibration settings; that’s the biggest choice of vibration patterns on this list. It’s ideal for clitoral and vulval stimulation, of course. But it’s also the best choice if (unlike Samantha) you really want to use your massager to work out the knots in your back. That’s what we call versatile.

The Le Wand has an ABS plastic body and a soft silicone head, with a flexible neck. The vibrator has to spend three hours on the charger to get ready, but can then deliver up to three hours of fun time (depending on the settings you use) before it runs down. You can choose from a number of designer colors, you can add optional attachments, and since it’s rechargeable, you take it wherever you like.

It’s not quite as powerful as the corded wands higher on our list, but it’s the strongest vibrator of all the cordless models you can buy.

5. Lelo Smart Wand 2

The final wand vibrator in our rankings is the Lelo Smart Wand 2, which is a powerful and rechargeable silicone toy with a number of great features but also a few drawbacks.

This cordless vibe is rechargeable and can run for 3-4 hours on a charge. It may also be the quietest wand vibrator we’ve found, even though it’s still quite powerful. There are ten different vibration settings and adjustable intensities. Not all of the vibration modes are rumbly, but many are.

However, the Smart Wand 2 has an annoying feature: Sense Touch. It’s supposedly a “smart” vibrator that senses when it should change vibration modes – but it often seems to do so with no rhyme or reason. Needless to say, that can quickly interrupt what might otherwise be a rewarding build-up to a big climax. The Smart Wand is also one of the more expensive wands on the market.

It’s good, and it’s powerful. But we think there are better choices when you want a strong wand vibrator.

6. We-Vibe Tango

An enormous vibrator isn’t required for strong stimulation of the vulva. The We-Vibe Tango proves it.

The Tango is a small, “lipstick” bullet vibrator that may deliver more rumbles per square inch than any vibe on the market. It’s only 3½ inches long, with a tapered head that allows you to use either its pointed tip or its broad side to choose the exact spot you want to stimulate. The top two inches can also be inserted into the vagina, if desired.

The Tango is made from body-safe ABS plastic so it’s extremely light and easy to clean, and it’s waterproof, so you can take it anywhere. It’s rechargeable, running for an hour or longer on a single charge. And needless to say, its small size makes it completely discreet to use.

This vibrator doesn’t specifically allow you to vary its speed, but its eight selectable vibration modes do run at different speeds – and they’re all extremely deep and rumbly, delivering an experience that’s just about as powerful as wand vibrators with numerous intensity levels. Bonus: it’s one-half to one-third the price of those expensive wand vibes.

7. Fifty Shades of Grey Greedy Girl Rabbit Vibrator

Be patient. Once you get past the dumb name, you’ll find the strongest rabbit vibrator around. (The toy is endorsed by the author of the smash erotica series, which is the reason for the “official name.” We prefer to simply call it the Greedy Girl.)

This USB-rechargeable silicone model has two motors, one to power the clitoral stimulator and another to drive the rumbly G-spot vibrator. They have a combined 36 different vibration modes, since you can adjust the speed and mode of each component individually. (Three speeds for the bunny ears, three speeds and nine patterns for the penetrative shaft – by our math, that adds up to 81 modes, but we’re going with the manufacturer’s math.)

Our guess is that you’ll never get to use all 36 (or 81) modes in one go-round. When you consider the fact that this is a rabbit, the Greedy Girl is an incredibly powerful vibrator.

8. Lovense Lush 3

Most egg vibrators are buzzy and not rumbly. They’re also somewhat weak, since they’re designed to stay in the vagina and be controlled via remote.

Meet the Lush 3. It’s virtually silent (as it should be, if you plan to wear it out). It’s ideally shaped to contact the G-spot, while a fixed tail keeps it in place. It’s USB-rechargeable with a magnetic port to make the process simple. Each charge can last as long as five hours. It’s waterproof.

But most importantly, it provides four modes and three speeds of rumbly vibrations that can do the job better than any other egg vibe we’ve played with. The sensations are very deep and extremely strong.

Oh, and one more cool feature. Most egg vibes have a limited range, because they work with a remote control. The Lush 3 is Bluetooth enabled, so it’s not just a toy for the bedroom or when you’re out-and-about. It can be controlled long-distance by a partner anywhere in the world. That fact alone might be enough to produce an impressively strong climax, even without the powerful rumbles you’re feeling.

9. Lelo Sona Cruise

“Strong” might be the last adjective you’d think of when considering a so-called sonic massager – those suction cup-style vibrators that simulate the feeling of oral sex when they’re pressed against the vulva. After all, it’s easy for a partner to go too far when sucking the clitoris or lips. Most suction vibes, like the Satisfyer and the Womanizer, do their work with suction and only gentle vibrations.

The Lelo Sona Cruise, however, changes the game. It still provides strong suction, but the vibrations are surprisingly strong and powerful; those with very sensitive genitals may find the sensations to be too much, but otherwise, the lengthy climax that results is less of an “oh my god” and more of an “OH MY GODDDDD!”

Not everyone’s cup of tea, perhaps, but the Sona Cruise is definitely the strongest oral sex vibrator you’ll find.

10. Fun Factory Manta

Hopefully the penis-havers (or their partners) are still with us, because our final entry is just for them. The Manta “vibrating stroker” fits around the shaft to deliver strong, rumbly vibrations that far surpass the feelings delivered by a traditional cock ring.

There are ridges on each of the toy’s flexible “wings” that can be lubed for a solo masturbation session, with the vibrator designed to be easy to move throughout the genital area. It can slide down to the base of the shaft for a vibrating blowjob that feels unlike any normal oral sex experience. And it’s shaped so it won’t get in the way when used during penetrative sex; in effect, it turns the penis (or strap-on) into a living, penetrative vibrator. It’s a unique and exciting feeling for both partners.

There are six speeds and six vibration patterns, the Manta is rechargeable and waterproof – and it’s one of the best sex toys you can find for partner play.

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