Why a Facebook Group?

Why a Facebook Group?

Created on 04/06/2019
Updated on 14/10/2022

The Dame community allows us to have conversations that aren't happening enough — conversations about pleasure, sexual health, self-empowerment, and overall well-being! All of this without the fear of someone telling us to speak more softly.

We wanted to extend this sense of community even further. Enter Dame Labs: The Group, a closed Facebook group you can turn to with questions and conversations that are normally kept ~hush hush~ No topic is too taboo in this sexuality safe haven (except for anything mean, that’s not cool with us). This is also an easy was for the Dame team to reach you when we’re cooking up new products and need your input!

This group is a quick and easy way to gain answers to questions when google is too overwhelming and you just want some anecdotal realness. We also have some certified sex-perts floating around in here who you may see replying to threads and sharing their insights.

Everyone is welcome here; regardless of gender or sexuality; with the understanding that our work is focused on helping vagina-havers feel safe, empowered and happy in their sex lives. We feel pretty strongly that real progress can’t be made if we’re not all invited to the party.

Releasing your inhibitions can be harder than Natasha Bedingfield made it seem, especially when it comes to a topic that has been so widely silenced. This is a great place to start opening up conversations that you aren’t having IRL (yet) . Whether you just want to read other members favorite ethical porn resources or maybe you want to start a thread yourself, this is the space to learn and explore. This Facebook Group is sexually liberated ally you’ve always wanted.

P.S. We have our first AMA (ask me anything) coming up next week, join the group to see who it is… 

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