May Sexoscopes

Created on 01/05/2022
Updated on 13/10/2022
Welcome to May lovers! Taurus season is upon us, bringing out the sensual lover in everyone. Give yourself plenty of time for naps, snacks, and smelling the roses while keeping in mind that we begin the month freshly inside an eclipse portal that opened with the new moon on April 30. Grab the bull by the horns and hang on tight, this is a month of massive changes. Taurus energy digs its heels in when pushed out of its comfort zone, but this isn’t the time for tantrums my loves. Eclipses are a cosmic time of endings and beginnings, whether or not you feel ready, trust you are being taken where you are meant to go. The wild energy continues through the full moon eclipse in Scorpio on the 16th, not to mention Mercury retrograde begins on May 10th in gossip loving Gemini, spilling all the tea. Pro tip for May, take things slow, double check your paperwork, and don’t say anything you wouldn’t mind repeated, Gemini keeps all the receipts. Make the most of the energy this month by enjoying your body, stay in bed all day and be naked. Taurus is decadent and can sleep through almost any drama.


Taurus & Taurus Rising (April 20-May 20)

Happy solar return Taurus! Celebrate your birthday month by taking action on the plans you’ve been slowly crafting for the past year, maybe longer. There will always be some excuse to wait, the timing may never feel perfect, but now is your moment to cross the bridge of where you’ve been and lay in the grass of where you’ve been trying to go. Luxuriate in your surroundings, you’re in the process of a glow up and it feels pretty damn sexy. Celebrate by pampering yourself more extravagantly than usual, allow your lovers to shower you with extra affection and decadence, you’ve come so far.


Gemini & Gemini Rising (May 21-June 20)

Prepare for recalibration this month, Gemini. No need to take karma into your own hands, areas of frustration are being worked out, thanks to the cosmic assistance of the eclipses. This may play out all at once, or over the next several months, either way, change is happening. Mercury’s retrograde in your sign will bring unfinished business back to the fore, by way of missed opportunities with both work and love. This may be the closure you need before the new beginning you’ve been craving is delivered. You cannot receive with a closed fist.


Cancer & Cancer Rising (June 21-July 22)

Let the parade of exes begin, Cancer! Your DM’s may be filled with blasts from your past, as Mercury retrogrades through chatty Gemini. The eclipses this month are helping you wrap up any lingering conversations that need to be had, or left on read so you can move into the next phase of relationships. Give yourself plenty of space to process, as there will no doubt be some big feelings that come up during this cosmically intense phase. Tap into your ocean of compassion and let it wash over you like the tide, healing and renewing you as you prepare to welcome sexy new beginnings.


Leo & Leo Rising (July 23-August 22)

Fortune favors the bold, and sometimes the bossy, Leo. Was there a time when you didn’t ask for what you wanted, as if something meant for you got away? It may have had more to do with timing than deservability. Go over all contracts with a fine tooth comb, both in business and in matters of the heart. This month you could very well see Mercury retrograde bring a second chance to claim your desire, don’t hesitate to make moves. Say yes when it turns you on and elicits a fully body response. You’re more intuitive than you give yourself credit.


Virgo & Virgo Rising (August 23-September 22)

Give yourself extra time to get where you want to go, Virgo. Mercury retrograde causes delays, not only with commute times, there may be roadblocks to your goals in some way. Try to see the bigger picture, there may be some missing pieces of information before you move forward that will be massively helpful in the long run. The eclipses are helping you alter your time lines, try to relax and go with the flow. Tune into your body when you feel anxious, and give yourself some self-pleasure, orgasms do wonders for the nervous system.


Libra & Libra Rising (September 23-October 22)

This is a transformative month for you Libra, especially in the areas of sex and money. Your personal growth over the past year has been preparing you for this, even if you're not quite sure where you're headed. Trust that the eclipses are bringing about the necessary endings needed to bring you into the perfect circumstances for new beginnings. Meanwhile, Mercury retrograde may bring former lovers back into your life to show you just how far you’ve come and that you are ready for the next steps, the universe will show you the way.


Scorpio & Scorpio Rising (October 23-November 21)

Find balance between your treasured alone time and making room for partnership this month, Scorpio. Taurus energy may want simple pleasures and luxurious scenarios, but the eclipses demand change, and it’s not the time to be on autopilot when it comes to your relationships. Be willing to revise your plans, as Mercury retrograde will bring delays and revelations. Expect the unexpected, without feeling paranoid. These changes aren’t bad, they are helping you grow by pushing you to evolve past the places you’ve dared to venture in the past, fostering a deeper sense of intimacy and trust.


Sagittarius & Sagittarius Rising (November 22-December 21)

Double check everything this month, Sagittarius. Mercury retrograde will be showing you the places you skipped ahead and forgot key components that need to be addressed. Nothing is as big of a deal as it may seem, just annoyingly asking you to be more detail oriented this month and slow down. You’ve been working hard, give yourself a break and allow that slow sensual Taurus energy to carry over into the bedroom and spend ample time with yourself or your lover. There will be plenty of time to get everything done, put yourself on top of that list.


Capricorn & Capricorn Rising (Dec 22-Jan 20)

You’re feeling equal parts amorous and anxious this month, Capricorn, thanks to Mercury retrograde in dualistic Gemini. Sex provides a sacred connection to your body while offering temporary reprieve from your busy mind. Tapping into your sensuality is a grounding practice that will do wonders for your mental health as you navigate eclipse season. Remember you do not have to have everything figured out all at once. When you slow down and breathe you create the negative space needed for creative solutions and cosmic assistance to find their way to you.


Aquarius & Aquarius Rising (January 21-February 18)

The theme of the month is change, Aquarius. You will most likely be feeling these shifts in your home, or on a familial level. It may manifest as seeing your plans for the future alter due to circumstances shifting. You love to shock people, but you may find yourself being the one surprised by the new changes arriving with the eclipses. Perhaps you’ve already felt the rumblings for a while and are going to be the one opening up and sharing something previously held back. Trust this is all for the best, you’re becoming a new version of yourself, it’s time to bloom and be seen.


Pisces & Pisces Rising (February 19-March 20)

Communication breakdowns are highly likely during Mercury retrogrades, Pisces. Fortunately you are gifted when it comes to alternative methods of communication. This month, those you love may be frustrated with delays, setbacks, and unexpected change, but this isn’t a problem for you. Show your partners the beauty of following their intuition rather than the directions, share a song with someone who could use a dose of dreaminess when they’re too caught up in daily drama. Remind yourself that change is the only constant, and it’s best to float when you find yourself swimming against the current.


Aries & Aries Rising (March 21-April 19)

Taurus season ignites your desire for retail therapy, Aries. Take your time researching your purchases, as Mercury retrograde shopping sprees can lead to buyers remorse. Make sure you do some decluttering before you treat yourself to springtime goodies, double checking that you’re adding items of value rather than duplicates or more clutter. Do splurge on the things that bring you pleasure and highlight your sensual side, think massage oils, arousal serums, and vibes that look like art pieces. You can’t control the eclipse season, so you may as well lay back and enjoy yourself.

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