November Sexoscopes

November Sexoscopes

Created on 01/11/2021
Updated on 13/10/2022
Welcome to November, lovers, one of the sexiest times of the year. Scorpio season invites us to dive into our fantasies, kinks, and obsessions. Action-oriented Mars spends the entire month in Scorpio, so notice when you are feeling possessive or paranoid as these feelings are showing you the shadow side of Scorpio energy. Redirect the intensity by channeling that focus into what you are passionate about while romantic Venus moves from feisty Sagittarius into stoic Capricorn on the 6th, bringing a more serious tone to relationships and intimacy. This isn’t a bad thing, as 2021 is winding down, use the time to take stock and find clarity around what you want from your partnerships and your sex life. November will be interesting, it rests between the last Mercury retrograde of the year which affected us throughout October, and Venus, taking its retrograde turn next month. Relationships that were up for review last month can move forward with less pressure, especially as we move into the holidays. When the Sun moves into truth seeker Sagittarius on the 22nd, watch out for taking jokes too far as people are still very sensitive with Mars in Scorpio. Remember everyone is reading into every word spoken and keeping receipts. In short, this month focus on the healing power of sex by surrendering to your inner desires, releasing shame, and leaning in to vulnerability as it is where transformation and connection await you.

Scorpio & Scorpio Rising (October 23-November 21)

Happy solar return Scorpio! You’ve been waiting patiently for the most magical time of year, where everyone wishes they were a Scorpio, (or could at least be with one!) You are the master of allowing people to see only what you allow them to, preferring to control your relationships and interactions. This isn’t wicked, it’s a safety precaution. Imagine if you offered your partners the same transparency and vulnerability you require of them? It’s only scary because to lay yourself bare is equivalent to death for you. Dramatic yes, but that ego death is the door to the ultimate connective intimacy.

Sagittarius & Sagittarius Rising (November 22-December 21)

Turn inward this month, Sagittarius. To launch an arrow you must first draw back your bow. This process of withdrawing allows you the introspection needed before you propel yourself forward when the sun moves into your sign on the 22nd. This may look like turning off your notifications, eliminating distractions and getting more rest. If you’re feeling exhausted, let yourself sleep. Grab your favorite cuddle buddy and all of the coziest blankets and make a fort to camp out naked and let the Scorpio drama flow right by.

Capricorn & Capricorn Rising (December 22-January 20)

Connect with your hopes and dreams this month, Capricorn. This is different than goal chasing - this process is asking you to connect to your feelings and your intuition before taking any physical action steps. When Venus moves into your sign on the 6th you’ll have direct access to previously hidden opportunities in terms of love, relationships and money. You become a magnet for success when you allow yourself to feel joyful rather than anxious or stressed. Breathing exercises and sex magic are potent at this time so experiment with pleasure in all forms, open up and let yourself receive.

Aquarius & Aquarius Rising (January 21-February 18)

Find romance in the strangest places, Aquarius, even at work. Not in the obvious sense of dating coworkers or sneaking around with your boss, although if that’s an option go for it. Scorpio energy loves to keep sexy secrets. This is more about the different types of energy you are giving off in each area of life. If you have been shutting off your erotic energy during business hours it may be affecting your morale. Imagine what it would feel like if you allowed your kinky quirky side to be more playful in your workplace. You could find an abundance of new opportunities with your money and your connections, both in and out of the office.

Pisces & Pisces Rising (February 19-March 20)

Broaden your horizons this month, Pisces. If travel isn’t an option take that virtual class you’ve been thinking about, or start planning the trip you’ve been pushing off for who knows how long. The destination isn’t the point it’s the possibilities that are important to focus on right now, especially if you’ve been feeling stuck. Give yourself time to daydream and imagine yourself doing anything you’ve had your heart set on without editing your fantasies. This activity is as much fun solo as it is for couples. The more you feel your desires in your emotions and in your body the closer you energetically become to tasting them in tangible form.

Aries & Aries Rising (March 21-April 19)

Play with props and toys this month, Aries. Dress up for your fantasies and experiment, it’s Scorpio season, there are no taboo subjects. Be direct, be bossy, let your lovers boss you around, nothing is off limits. Connecting in a physical way is nurturing for you and allows you to have fun and be playful while exploring intimacy on your own or with a partner. Sex is a wonderful way to ease stress and calm your nervous system so let your libido run wild and hopefully your partners will be able to keep up.

Taurus & Taurus Rising (April 20-May 20)

With the sun in your opposite sign of Scorpio, you have multiple opportunities to explore your sensual side through the lens of deep feelings in addition to the tactile senses you are skilled at. Take your time and explore your emotions, especially when it comes to relationships. How can you show up for yourself and for your significant partnerships to strengthen existing bonds, or to open yourself up to forging new ones? Part of Scorpio energy is the surrender and the release that leads to transformation. Consider what you may need to part ways with in order to make room in your life for the romance you crave.

Gemini & Gemini Rising (May 21-June 20)

Sweat it out this month, Gemini. Be it during a hot yoga class or in the bedroom, your body has been holding your emotions and a great way to release them is through your skin. Our bodies and mental health are directly linked and Scorpio season is the perfect time for you to connect to your own unique pathway of wellness to process the emotional residue of the year. Experiment with texture and sensation, talking dirty and non-verbal cues .This isn’t meant to be a chore, have fun with it and enlist a partner to get down and dirty with you or take a solo journey to rediscover yourself.

Cancer & Cancer Rising (June 21-July 22)

Everything can be soft and romantic if that’s how you’re feeling, Cancer. The fall foliage is a perfect backdrop to your personal love story, with you as the main character. Even if reality looks very different than the fantasy, everything is temporary. Allow yourself to feel powerful, sensitive and open to possibilities. Scorpio energy is intuitive, a natural gift you possess. You can feel relaxed and comfortable diving deep into the ocean of your emotional landscape and help your partners find ease here as well. Feel into your desires rather than your past, the joy you feel in the present moment creates a beautiful future.

Leo & Leo Rising (July 23-August 22)

Make your home your sexy sanctuary this month, Leo. You may be feeling less social for a few weeks and need a little extra quiet time. Rather than getting stuck in your head obsessing over things beyond your control, take advantage of the reprieve from your busy social calendar and add some cozy touches to your pad, such as soft blankets and candles. Set the mood for romantic date nights in, order delicious takeout and queue up your favorite films. Since it’s Scorpio season, opt for erotic thrillers and cuddle up on the couch - clothing optional.

Virgo & Virgo Rising (August 23-September 22)

Last month may have felt frustratingly unclear, Virgo, with your ruling planet, Mercury, retrograde for most of October. Now that it is direct, you’re able to move forward with more clarity, especially in your relationships. Be direct with your words and speak up about what you desire most this month. Talk dirty, send sexy texts and let your partners know you’re exactly what you’re in the mood for. Scorpio energy is intense and deep. Allow yourself to step out of your comfort zone and let your kinky side take center stage.

Libra & Libra Rising (September 23-October 23)

You love to experiment with fashion and curate a fall look, Libra. While your wardrobe is getting a mid-season upgrade, Scorpio energy is asking you to make sure the transformation is more than skin deep. The glow up comes from the inside and Scorpio season asks you to look inward as you alter the outward. You are sexiest when you take control and assert your independence and show the world how powerful you are. Of course we support you looking incredible while doing so, just try not to blow your entire paycheck on holiday deals.

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