A Crowd-Pleaser Teaser

A Crowd-Pleaser Teaser

Created on 31/10/2016
Updated on 14/10/2022

Hello again, Dames and Damselmen.

We have a lot we want to say. Why not start at the very beginning?

Two years ago, our crowdfunding campaign for Eva changed our lives, and made an impact on many of your lives, too. You didn’t just give us the funds we needed to manufacture a product — you handed us a mandate to make the world a happier place, one vagina at a time.

We took this responsibility to heart and grew our team with an emphasis on R&D. We want to treat vibrators like normal consumer goods, not shadowy or shameful novelties, and doing so requires insight into how they fit into real people’s lives. We got our lab coats dry-cleaned and collected survey data from our customers. Hundreds of them.

These explorations were revealing. Through your feedback, we uncovered even more about the roles intimacy and connectedness play in arousal. The very personal experiences behind the data confirmed what we’ve always suspected: adding vibration to the equation isn’t enough, because people aren’t equations. They’re human beings.

So we got to work creating a product that would enhance touch and engagement between partners; a vibrator that would help bring people together.

This Thursday, November 3rd we’re launching the Kickstarter campaign for this next offering. Keep your eyes on this blog and your inboxes! We hope that you’ll join us for this next leap forward.

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