So, we’re still suing the MTA.

So, we’re still suing the MTA.

Created on 14/07/2020
Updated on 14/10/2022
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As of 7/14/2020:

These are wild & chaotic times, but Dame Products is soldiering on in our lawsuit against New York’s MTA.

We’re now over a year into it, and while big lawsuits are very slow and not always exciting, we’re very happy to report that we’re not giving up.

Continuing this expensive legal battle in the age of COVID-19 hasn’t been easy or convenient, but we still think it’s necessary. Everything we held true last summer when we first started is still true today: it is wrongful and inconsistent to allow ads for sexual solutions for men, while blocking tasteful ads suited for vulva-havers and their partners.

We didn’t wade into this fight just to make a stink. We’ve been quietly working with our legal team and the courts to collect all the information and documents required to progress to the next stage of the lawsuit. The process takes months and months, and it’s been slowed down even more by the pandemic. But we’re doing our homework and moving forward because it’s the right thing to do, and because a favorable judgment could open the door for more equitable messaging in the public sphere!

We want to thank everyone who has supported us, old and new. We’ll keep you updated should any new developments come up. For the time being, please continue to support us with your business, and your vocal support. We won’t be silenced, and neither should you.

— Dame Team

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