Thanks for Helping Us Raise Money for the Yellowhammer Fund

Thanks for Helping Us Raise Money for the Yellowhammer Fund

Created on 10/06/2019
Updated on 14/10/2022


In light of recent legislation in Alabama,  Dame Products donated $5 from every sale in May to the Yellowhammer Fund, an on-the-ground fund and advocacy group protecting access to reproductive rights in that state. We raised $7115 in total!We also took out an ad in The New York Times along with companies like Thinx, Loom, Sustain, and others, stating that we stand by the right to choose.

Abortion is: a human right, a constitutional right, a personal choice, healthcare, lifesaving, gender equality, owning your own body, not a crime, and is not up for debate.

Having a uterus means being confronted with difficult decisions, whether or not you and your partner are in a place to bring a child into this world; whether or not you are physically and/or mentally fit for carrying a child. Outlawing abortions will not abolish abortions; criminalizing abortions will only make them more dangerous and they will be just as prevalent. Abortion is the last option, but it needs to remain an option.

We hope that you’ll make a donation of your own, and continue to support Dame Products to help people from all walks of life have access to whatever life-saving options they need.

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