We’re Donating to RAINN… Again

We’re Donating to RAINN… Again

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A whole year later, and here we are again. We were hoping that this go around the Sun would bring us more safety, more justice, and fewer traumas dragged back out from memory. But in light of the ugliness of the Kavanaugh hearings, continued abuses in our homes & workplaces, and escalating violence in our backyards, we’ve chosen to donate to the Rape, Abuse & Incest National Network again.

We’re donating $5 from every order made on Giving Tuesday to RAINN. RAINN operates the National Sexual Assault Hotline, and works to prevent sexual violence, help survivors, and bring justice to abuse narratives.

We still believe that sexual wellbeing begins with freedom from fear and abuse, and we’re learning more and more that uncovering and preventing damage hinges on believing people when they speak up. We see RAINN’s programs for responding to victims, hearing them out, and advocating on the behalf as a critical piece of that puzzle.

Even if the next 365 days bring the good news we were hoping for, we’ll never stop standing up for the rights and autonomy of people everywhere, and we’re thankful for people like you who stand alongside us.

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