Why We Take Returns

Why We Take Returns

Created on 16/10/2018
Updated on 14/10/2022

Did you know that we offer returns within 60 days of purchase?

We think toys for sex should be held to the same standards as your car, your TV or your phone — any consumer product that adds fun and value to your life.  And as big believers in celebrating your sexuality, we know that a big part of that is allowing you to discover what you like and what you don’t. After all, great sex is about trying stuff out, and sticking to what works best for you!

Here are the three primary reasons for why we’ve broken from the rest of the sex toy industry and started to offer returns on orders made through our website:

Sex toys are just toys…. for sex.

You can return anything and everything these days (within reason, of course). While Eva and Fin are designed for as many bodies as possible, it might not work with your anatomy — and that’s okay! Everyone feels vibrations differently, and it’s all about personal preference. If you had just purchased a new stand mixer for your kitchen, and it didn’t fit on your counter, or was too small for your competitive baking, you would return it — right? We think that philosophy should apply to sex toys, too. If your Eva or Fin doesn’t earn a spot on your nightstand, then we’ll happily give you store credit to find something that you’ll love.

Sex isn’t gross!

We don’t believe sex is inherently shameful. It’s not! And offering returns enables you to try out new things for yourself (or with a partner) without fear. Sex is a part of the human experience and you should feel proud of the tools you use to explore your sexuality.

Not many people take us up on this, anyway.

We don’t mean to toot our own horn, but we don’t actually process that many returns. Tons of user-guided of research and development have gone into our products to ensure you’ll have the best experience possible. The vast majority of our customers are satisfied (literally…), so it’s not too much trouble to process a few returns here or there.

And aside from our 60-day return period, you’re also covered by our three-year warranty! Returns can only be made for orders from our website, but our warranty applies to every Dame Product, as long as it's bought within the United States. If your toy is having trouble, just contact us at support@dameproducts.com!

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