Created on 18/06/2019
Updated on 14/10/2022
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Update: We won! Read More

NYC’s transit agency perpetuates a harmful double standard. They rejected Dame’s exciting new subway ad campaign, citing vague and sexist reasons. Their message: There’s plenty of space for erectile dysfunction drugs, but none for innovators making sex enjoyable for women. So we’re going to court to #DerailSexism!

In July 2018, we reached out to the MTA to run an ad campaign on the subway. In September, we got our first approval — they were interested! We were going to show the world how to embrace their own pleasure and add value to their sex lives.

After the MTA’s feedback, we worked hard on developing a tasteful, balanced campaign, featuring testimonials from customers who love our toys and want to tell people about them. We submitted these final ads in November, and then… we waited.

And waited. We didn’t hear a peep until after Thanksgiving, three weeks later. Our campaign was rejected. The MTA cited its own “updated guidelines” preventing “sexually oriented” businesses from advertising. This made us wonder: Why are pharmaceutical and supplement companies like Hims, Hers, and Welleco allowed to advertise on the subway?

We’ve decided to take legal action against the MTA to protest this sexist policy, and to address its implications for vulva-havers everywhere. Advertisements are hugely influential on our culture, and have the potential to bring sexual wellness tools out of the shadows and into our lives. (You can read our complaint here!)

Vibrators are regularly prescribed by doctors as a drug-free, affordable solution for low-libido, arousal disorders, and sexual function issues for those recovering from abuse, cancer, and more. If vibrator companies can't advertise, those people won’t know what options are available to them.

Since the MTA won’t take our ads, we need your help. If you believe that all sexualities and genders deserve equal access to public forums, please consider taking a screenshot of our ads and sharing our story with the hashtag #DerailSexism, and mention @dameproducts and @MTA (@mtacitytransit on Instagram). Thank you for your support in making the world a happier place, one vulva at a time.

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