april sexoscopes

Your April Sexoscopes

Created on 01/04/2020
Updated on 13/10/2022
Welcome to Aries season, lovers! Many of us have experienced tremendous lifestyle changes in response to the global effects of Covid-19 that basically canceled March. Dating, sex, and romance in general are in the process of great transformation, as we learn to adapt to what love means, individually and collectively, in the era of social distancing. Aries energy initiates, takes charge, and pioneers the way forward. With Venus moving into chatty air sign, Gemini, on April 4th, this is a month of sexting with penpals and inventing new erotic narritives with the partners we have been flattening the curve with. This energy is weird, uncharted, and unpredictable, which is perfect for Mars in Aquarius, seeking to innovate and break the mold on how we take action, both in and outside of the bedroom. Aquarian energy is voyeuristic, analytical and—like Gemini—turned on by communication. Perhaps the restriction of human contact will shift the collective aversion to being vulnerable and open about our thoughts and feelings, as we are forced to find new ways of forming connections and communicating needs and desires to our partners. Necessity is the mother of invention, and by the time the sun moves into sensual Taurus on the 20th, we’ll all have new understandings of how our bodies experience pleasure, how to ask for what we want, and how to experience greater intimacy with curious, open hearts. This is a time when fear, sadness, and loneliness can arise amidst worldwide uncertainty, so it’s important to remember that everything is temporary. Lean in to hope and be open to new ways of connecting, as we all go through this together.


Aries & Aries Rising (March 21-April 19)

Happy solar return, Aries! This birthday is definitely different than previous years. Instead of being disappointed, remember you’re the first! If anyone can turn a pandemic into a party, it’s you. Just because we can’t reach out and touch one another, or have a big fabulous gathering, doesn’t mean your special day is canceled. Use your magical powers of innovation to organize an online meetup of your favorite people, or ask everyone to send you a video message describing in detail what they love about you. Declare a day of pleasure only, and come up with a list of sexy activities that can be done solo, with a partner, or over video chat. Repeat as often as necessary.


Taurus & Taurus Rising (April 20-May 20)

Hermit mode may not be all bad for you, Taurus: You are a proud member of the stay-at-home-club. This month the pull to fold deeper into yourself is perfectly aligned for you, regardless of whether we were experiencing a global pandemic. Being stuck at home presents a perfect opportunity to self-reflect and make adjustments where needed, both within your mind and your personal space. Tending to the things you can control when everything seems uncertain is the best medicine, and nothing regulates our moods like an orgasm or two. Update your erotic arsenal with some new toys and lube. Plenty of rest, good food, and lots of sex, solo or with a partner, will do wonders for your mental health.


Gemini & Gemini Rising (May 21-June 20)

Take your social circle online this month, Gemini. Organizing video meetups to stay connected to your network will help you from feeling under-stimulated during this time of social distancing. Dating and pleasure don’t have to stop, they just need some innovation and willingness to think outside of the box. Get your partners on board and encourage them to tell you some of their scandalous stories. This allows you to get to know one another in a playful way that builds intimacy by encouraging communication, something you’re already an expert at. Organize an erotic book club with friends, or listen to some sexy podcasts. Maybe even try writing some of your own provocative prose. Let your mind play and create—you could be surprised at what you come up with.


Cancer & Cancer Rising (June 21-July 22)

Try not to stress about work this month, Cancer. Everyone is in the same boat, and when we focus on what isn’t working, we may be blocking ourselves from creative solutions. Working from home can be a great opportunity for decluttering and rearranging, which allows new energy to enter your space. Bringing the attention to balancing work and personal life in the same arena may inspire you to make your bedroom a sexier haven to escape to, or consider doing your work wearing something that turns you on. Imagine sitting in front of your laptop in a body stocking, harness, latex—whatever you reserve for fantasy play. Masturbate on your lunch break, or invite your partner to roleplay having sex at the office. Being creative and having fun will help lift your spirits.


Leo & Leo Rising (July 23-August 22)

Social distancing may have you clawing at the walls, Leo, but pouting won’t change the situation we are all facing. If you can’t get away, bring the vacation to you. Where have you been dreaming of visiting? Infuse your living space with the essence of being somewhere else: Rearrange your furniture, order some new sheets, and turn your bedroom into a luxurious hotel suite. Use your free time to start learning a new language, write down romantic phrases in your language of choice, and post them around the house. Use them when speaking to your partner or even say them to yourself. Treat your body as if you were in a villa somewhere by roleplaying with your partner, trading massages, or rub yourself down if you’re solo. Nothing is hotter than vacation sex, even if it’s a staycation.


Virgo & Virgo Rising (August 23-September 22)

Lean in to the intensity you may be feeling this month, Virgo. Something within you is transforming through this challenging time. This may be a relationship taking on a new form, merging deeper. It could also point to deeper places within you, like a caterpillar becoming a butterfly; something is lost in order for something greater to be gained. Sex is an amazing physical activity to get out of your head and into your body. Infusing playfulness will help balance the changes you’re experiencing. Experimenting with power dynamics, fantasy, and roleplaying gives you ample opportunity to stimulate both mind and body, keeping your energy moving while allowing you to serve and be serviced.


Libra & Libra Rising (September 23-October 22)

Whether you are cozied up with your love or navigating the shifting world of virtual dating, your partnership energy is getting activated this month, Libra. It’s a time of new beginnings, even if it doesn’t feel like the timing is great. The best news is, you don’t have to do anything other than being open to change and trust that what is happening is exactly what is meant to happen. Everyone has their own unique timeline, and the universe is sorting them all out simultaneously. The number one rule for calling in more love is to become more loving. Romance yourself, and allow romance to flow to you. Every relationship is a mirror, so fog it up with passion.


Scorpio & Scorpio Rising (October 23-November 21)

What does self-care look like for you right now, Scorpio? Working from home may be easy, or it may have thrown your routine out of whack. If this is the case, take the next few weeks to put yourself on a schedule. Having control of how you’re spending your time, while balancing work and pleasure, helps regulate your nervous system, which is necessary for keeping you healthy. If you’re not into yoga or working out, sex or dancing in front of the mirror are great alternatives — doing both at the same time is just more fun. Make a playlist to get you moving filled with your favorite bangers, then slow it down with something more sexy. Share with a special someone and let them know what you’ll be doing while you’re listening to it.


Sagittarius & Sagittarius Rising (November 22-December 21)

You may have the best attitude of all when it comes to dating during a pandemic, Sagittarius. You love your freedom, and this gives you a great opportunity to get to know people while keeping your options open, and a safe distance. Talk to everyone, flirt without pressure to commit to anything. Consider this a social experiment and share your unique views with your friends and prospective lovers. If you’ve been through a breakup recently, this is a great time to slow down and let yourself heal, while couples have the opportunity to work through any issues without distractions. Use this time however it feels best. Try to stay curious and open to what you may learn about yourself and the people you care about.


Capricorn & Capricorn Rising (Dec 22-Jan 20)

What needs tending in your home, Capricorn? You’re all business and efficiency when it comes to work, but this month asks you to put a little more effort into taking care of your home and those you cohabitate with. Try to refrain from turning your house into your office; there is a real opportunity to tap into your sensitivity and connect with partners, especially romantic ones, in a genuine way. Seeing the value in home and family, either chosen or biological, leads to deeper levels of love for you right now. Consider this pause an important stop on the journey upward. What you find here will sustain you and feed your soul for years to come. Keep it sexy and keep it moving!


Aquarius & Aquarius Rising (January 21-February 18)

Free your mind and the rest will follow, Aquarius. Expanding your mindset even more this month will do wonders for where you are heading in life. Aquarian energy is beginning to take the reins from Capricorn, with Mars joining Saturn in your sign, ushering in changes we will feel individually and collectively. Try not to adopt a pessimistic view of the world, allowing it to dampen your spirits, as this affects your wellbeing, and we need your energy more than ever. Instead ask how you can help your community, family, partners, and most importantly yourself. With big ideas and ideals, it’s easy to forget about taking care of yourself and your own needs. Remember, indulging your desires and playing into fantasies is what helps you stay healthy.


Pisces & Pisces Rising (February 19-March 20)

How do you feel energetically, Pisces? Have you been feeling the urge to share all that you have, or feeling exhausted and needing this time to reset physically and emotionally? Wherever you find yourself is exactly where you're meant to be. It may be challenging to focus on your work with everything going on. In order to balance out your energy, make time for things that bring you joy and pleasure. Even in a time of physical distancing, we can find connection in new ways. Your friendships and romantic partners will benefit from this outer pause, giving you the time and space you need to breathe by connecting with your element, water. Take salt baths infused with calming lavender oil, solo or with your partner, and replace stress with sensuality.

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