december sexoscopes

Your December Sexoscopes

Created on 01/12/2020
Updated on 13/10/2022
Welcome to December, lovers! We begin the month in optimistic and expansive Sagittarius. The no-filter fire sign is a welcome break from the moody intensity of Scorpio season. Think back to the intentions you set for yourself last December: What were you working towards? Consider what feelings would meeting your goals offer you—security, safety, prestige, connection, love, etc.? This is an opportunity to rekindle the sparks of dreams you’ve been trying to get going that may have been delayed or derailed either during the retrograde season, or by the extraordinary events of this year. Thanks to the pair of eclipses on November 30th and December 14th, you will have more clarity about why you were pursuing these dreams in the first place, as well as new insights about how you can experience the feelings you were chasing in more ways than the perceived object of singular focus. 2020 has offered up transformational astrology, thus changing the course of history and affecting every facet of life as we once knew it to be. For its final act, 2020 goes out with a bang in the form of a great conjunction between heavy hitters Jupiter and Saturn in futuristic Aquarius on December 21st, the winter solstice in the northern hemisphere, and summer solstice in the southern hemisphere, respectively. The importance of Jupiter and Saturn meeting up in Aquarius will be significant for several reasons, as Aquarius rules technological advancements, futuristic innovation, and sexual revolution! Thanks to Pluto and Saturn’s January conjunction in Capricorn, we have been working our way through the collapse of outdated societal and systemic structures while breaking down the binaries that keep us from owning and experiencing our unique sexual expressions to the fullest. We take this new energy into Capricorn season, laying the foundations and mapping out our plans to make changes in how we experience love and pleasure, and how we create safer spaces for ourselves, our partners, and within our communities. For better or worse, 2020 was a pivotal year, ending it with gratitude and self-acceptance will help set the tone for what is to come. See you in 2021!


Sagittarius & Sagittarius Rising (November 22-December 21)

Happy solar return, Sagittarius! Your personal new year stands adjacent to the collective new year, and you are ready to launch yourself forward into 2021 with unparalleled energy for expansion and change. This year may have taught you about what truly fuels your engines, and how much more impact you have when you’re filling yourself up with meaningful substance, rather than flash-in-the pan style. Your quest for experiencing truth has helped you filter out the relationships that couldn’t grow alongside you, or depended too heavily on you to be the catalyst for change. Celebrate your experimental, exhibitionist side by bringing daring games and shameless playfulness into your erotic experiences.


Capricorn & Capricorn Rising (Dec 22-Jan 20)

Does the thought of heavily restricted holiday celebrations bring you glee, Capricorn? It’s ok, we’re not judging! This month, focus on your plans for next year. Put your energy into setting yourself up in the most supportive ways, rather than trying to force yourself to perform. This will allow you to show up and shine in a few weeks when the sun moves into your sign, propelling you into 2021 with the necessary tools and motivation to build upon the foundations you’ve been consciously and unconsciously laying all year. Celebrate the powerful dual connection your sexual expression offers by grounding yourself in your physical body while simultaneously freeing you to experience pleasure beyond physical limitations.


Aquarius & Aquarius Rising (January 21-February 18)

The breakdowns of 2020 are helping you to break through, Aquarius. Pay attention to what you’ve been drawn to socially, politically, and collectively, as these outer events are calling your awareness to your own inner workings. Rather than looking outside, it’s time to look inward. The foundational changes you’ve felt pressure to surrender to are helping to rebuild your sense of self-worth and self-acceptance, allowing you to innovate without second guessing or withholding your ideas. When it comes to your sexual expression, celebrate the unquantifiable spectrum of desire you experience day to day. Rather than feeling shame about not fitting inside the boxes, know that obliterating the box is the future.


Pisces & Pisces Rising (February 19-March 20)

Have you considered that your shortcomings may actually be your strengths, Pisces? Your dreamy nature may have you feeling shame around lacking focus and direction when society tells you to pick a lane and make something concrete happen. This is a misuse of your extraordinary senses that are here to help teach us not to rely solely on what is tangible and finite. This month, call in your team or partners that can help translate your visions into something productive and long-lasting. Water needs a vessel to give it form and support. Celebrate your fluid essence, especially when it comes to your sexual expression. Allow your own body to be the stabilizer that allows your erotic intelligence the freedom to melt and merge without restriction.


Aries & Aries Rising (March 21-April 19)

Finally, some forward motion, Aries! Your ruling planet, Mars, is now direct after an epic journey through your sign that began back in September. Slowing you down wasn’t meant to punish you; rather, you were being asked to sit with anger and frustration in order to investigate the deeper meanings they may be connected to. This year you were asked to channel your energy in ways you had not foreseen, possibly revealing hidden gifts or a new path you hadn’t considered. Trust yourself as the steps you need to take are being revealed to you. Celebrate your softness by having compassion for yourself while you navigate the liminal spaces, creating with each breath, kiss, and moment of connection that guides you.


Taurus & Taurus Rising (April 20-May 20)

This has been a year of transformation for you, Taurus. You’ve been asked to break your routines and surrender to the feelings of destabilization, frustration, and anger. It’s difficult to implement change, especially when you’re comfortable, but without change there is no growth. The foundations of your life needed shifting to make way for the new path that is unfolding. Trust this process, and most importantly yourself; you have all of the necessary tools and resources to build something beautiful and durable. Celebrate your deep-rooted sensuality, and your inherent ability to ground your intimate relationships. There is profound power in the act of holding space while also allowing yourself to be held.


Gemini & Gemini Rising (May 21-June 20)

Your relationships are a mirror for you, Gemini. Pay attention to what is being reflected to you, as your interactions are offering you subtle messages about where your needs are being met and where you may be overextending yourself to move things along at your preferred pace. This year has challenged you to hold multiple truths and sit with duality while digesting the information. Notice how that has felt: exhausting, exhilarating, or both? Rapid growth is occurring and your mind is in the process of upgrading its servers, allowing you to help your partners, families, and communities make sense of new concepts. Celebrate your ability to reshape the mental landscape of your relationships with your unique sex appeal that blends equal parts flirtation and fantasy.


Cancer & Cancer Rising (June 21-July 22)

Create a routine for yourself that balances giving and receiving, Cancer. This year has asked you to sort and sift through your relationships and notice where you feel appreciated and where you’re over-giving. Walking away from anything or anyone you care about is incredibly difficult, but it’s part of the process of growth and change that is necessary for the next chapter of your life. This will feel less painful when you set up your mundane tasks to support you by nurturing your basic needs with comforting meals and a cozy, safe atmosphere before inviting others to sample your amenities. Celebrate the atmospheric romantic energy you bring to your relationships, and how you set your lovers at ease by enveloping them in your warmth.


Leo & Leo Rising (July 23-August 22)

You’re feeling flirtatious and surprisingly light this month, Leo, a welcome change of pace following a year of intense upheaval. Your strength lies in your ability to uplift others by becoming the source of warmth. Elevating the vibe helps you shake off any negative energy you’ve been struggling to set down. Taking an honest look at your fears and self-doubt, without worrying about losing your credibility or being disliked, has been part of your transformation this year. The more you lean into your shadow, the more light you allow into your life, and the less effort you have to put into sustaining that glow all on your own. Celebrate your dramatic sexual energy by allowing yourself to fully step into the starring role in your fantasies.


Virgo & Virgo Rising (August 23-September 22)

Finish off this transformational year by coming back home to yourself, Virgo. The process comes full circle by asking you to consider the home you’ve come from and the one you are building for yourself. It may look very different than how you began back in January. The exterior changes are a reflection of the interior growth you’ve integrated over these challenging months. You may also find yourself in a suspended chrysalis stage, needing a bit more time before you open yourself up with your newly formed wings. Know these will take you further than you imagined for yourself, so trust you have the fortitude for this expansion. Celebrate the passionate connection between your mind and your body that occurs when you express your sexual energy freely without inhibition.


Libra & Libra Rising (September 23-October 22)

You may not be able to go home for the holidays, Libra, but that doesn’t mean you can’t find meaningful ways to connect with your loved ones. Spend time with the folks that feel supportive and allow you to express yourself authentically and joyfully. This year has emphasized your relationships. The ones you’ve outgrown were helping you recognize the patterns within these structures you were ready to shed and evolve into deeper levels of intimacy. Your sophisticated aesthetic sensibilities have expanded to make room for more substance and understanding the value of what you put your effort into. Celebrate your internal glow-up by recognizing what makes you feel sexy and powerful on your own, rather than needing to see it reflected in your partners.


Scorpio & Scorpio Rising (October 23-November 21)

Your worth is not based on what you have or do not yet have, Scorpio. You may have been incredibly hard on yourself this year, expecting yourself to continually rise from the ashes of each crisis stronger and more aligned with your goals. The expectation of transformation using the force of sheer willpower can only get you so far before you begin to burn yourself. You are being asked to allow your power to breathe and be still when you find yourself hitting an energetic wall. These moments of discomfort are offering the kind of growth that requires your trust in what is unseen, and a renewal of the belief in your intuitive powers. Celebrate your sexual intensity, and the delicious dance between domination and surrender within each moment it offers.

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