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Sensual Smells: Inside Dame's Sex Oil

Created on 10/02/2022
Updated on 13/10/2022

Why do certain fragrances turn us on?

You may think of chocolate, oysters, or other romantic foods when you hear the word “aphrodisiac,” but many scents can also get us in the mood. Aphrodisiacs, named after Aphrodite, the Greek goddess of love, are said to increase libido, potency, and sexual pleasure. Historically, aphrodisiacs have included rare plant extracts, animal matter or sex organs, associated with vitality and fertility. Aromatics were long used for religious ceremonies, perfume, and medicine as a holistic healing modality. While we often reference aphrodisiacs in terms of lust, romance and libido, there is data to prove that there is activity taking place at a molecular level within the body. Biologically speaking, our olfactory system responds directly to aromatic aphrodisiacs. Your olfactory system is basically the bodily structures that serve the sense of smell. It consists of your nose and nasal passages.
Through slow, intentional touch (on top of exploring our sense of smell) we can elevate the intensity of intimacy, and be present.
“The perception of body odors such as vaginal fluids, sperm and sweat seems to enrich the sexual experience” by increasing sexual arousal, Bendas et al. write. “Our data suggest a positive influence of olfactory sensitivity on sex life,” they add.

Sex Oil Ingredients

Dame’s Sex Oil contains two major aphrodisiac elements: sandalwoodand cardamom. Together, they set the mood with an earthy and spicy scent. Studies have linked the warm and slightly spicy scents of sandalwood and cardamom to increased mood and sexual desire. Traditionally used in ayurvedic medicine, sandalwood and cardamom have a reputation for increasing sexual desire. The transdermal absorption of this special combo increases mental and emotional effects to impact desire and mood. Let’s dive a little deeper into the elements of cardamom and sandalwood.
Cardamom: Cardamom is a deliciously fragrant amalgam between eucalyptus, mint, and pepper. Its intriguing and mystical sweet-woodsy notes spawn a feeling of warmth, sensuality, and mystery while relieving nervous tensions in the mind body and spirit. Cardamom is known to enhance our body’s ability to use oxygen, a critical component to circulation and blood flow. Sandalwood: Nature’s “true well-being ingredient,” sandalwood boasts an earthy scent that works wonderfully as a carrier for other aromas to create real depth. “Studies show that when inhaled or applied topically, it acts upon the body’s regulatory systems to reduce anxiety and increase relaxation, while its antioxidant properties benefit the skin” says Quintis, a leading harvester of sandalwood. Sandalwood’s soft, creamy, and woody fragrance, when applied as an essential oil, enhances your mood and increases desire. Combined with the act of self or partnered massage, this fragrance centers and invigorates your pleasure.
Combined, these two aphrodisiac and essential oils create an entourage effect to uplift mood, calm the central nervous system, soothe muscles, and enhance libido. To amplify and ignite desire, you can also layer different fragrances or essential oils across different pulse points and areas of the body where it emits extra heat. Allow the heat of the body to slowly diffuse and release the compounds within the plant material. Using aromatics in this way is a thoughtful and playful way of creating an experience for yourself but also for a partner who gets close enough to notice and appreciate the nuances and details of your scent. It's an invitation to slow down, and really take the opportunity to explore and heighten arousal through this sense. It's a stimulating practice, as the compounds in fragrances express themselves uniquely based on our genetic makeup and skin biome, and how someone else interprets them depends on the same factors. Explore what feels good, what feels silly, what feels safe. Through breath and gratitude release any expectations and allow the expression of your energy to fully emerge, while holding space for your partner to do the same. Through slow, intentional touch (on top of exploring our sense of smell) we can elevate the intensity of intimacy, and be present.

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