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26 Date Night Ideas to Create Connection

Created on 04/02/2022
Updated on 13/10/2022
Do you find yourself having the same old dates over and over again? It happens! To ignite some creativity, and maybe some sexy vibes, we’ve put together a list of 26 Date Night ideas to try. The date night ideas are loosely organized from mild to hot–pick a few that sound interesting to you and try them! Or put each idea on a slip of paper and throw them all in a jar to draw from when you want some inspiration.
  1. Get a box of chocolates and take turns guessing what the flavors are. If the box comes with a guide, no peeking.
  2. Hold hands and focus on the sensations of just that.
  3. Be hedonistic with food/a meal. Slow down and really taste what you’re eating. Enjoy every bite.
  4. Play We're Not Really Strangers or ask the "36 questions."
  5. Share stories of the first thing that turned you on (if you can remember). Was it a scene in a movie? A line in a song?
  6. Touch/kiss on non-erogenous zones! When was the last time you had a nice shoulder rub or kissed your partner’s inner elbow?
  7. Cook together! Spank each other with a spoon if you're feeling zesty.
  8. Play Twister in your underwear.
  9. Write a list of 10 things you like about the other person. They can be qualities you find attractive or specific body parts.
  10. Let the other person help you or do something for you that you would normally do yourself. This can be functional, silly, or sexy. For example, changing the sheets, brushing your teeth, or washing your hair.
  11. Use a blindfold and explore your other senses.
  12. Take a shower together (it doesn't have to turn into sex!)
  13. Massage each other — set a timer for when to switch so it feels fair.
  14. Write each other love letters, or just little love notes (To spice it up, write about how your partner makes you feel and the things you’d like to do with them).
  15. Make a playlist of music that makes you feel like moving your body and dance together.
  16. Make out like you're in high school and are horny teenagers again. Remember what it felt like when sex wasn’t an inevitability.
  17. Put on an outfit that makes you feel sexy and strut around the room. Your partner acts as your hype person. Switch.
  18. Play a card game or board game and add your own sexy rule(s) — think strip poker, or betting/bartering with some physical affection.
  19. Compile a yes/no/maybe list of things to try in bed.
  20. Watch a sexy movie together.
  21. Sext each other throughout the day, even if you both work from home.
  22. Reverse roles if one of you usually initiates sex.
  23. Try a new toy together (we have some ideas!)
  24. Roleplay a scene. It can be one with a complicated backstory or power dynamic (two doctors at Seattle Grace Hospital, professor/student, etc.) or something as simple as strangers or using different names, trying out different behaviors. Talk with your partner beforehand about what feels safe and exciting for you. Take it to the next level by meeting out somewhere and pretending you don't know each other.
  25. Listen to audio erotica together.
  26. See how long you can just do foreplay (to take this to the next level, try/practice edging).
Trying or suggesting some of these ideas may feel silly at first, but the important thing is to add some novelty and playfulness into what may have become routine. At the very least, you can laugh at how ridiculous the ideas seem. Like anything, we encourage talking about what sounds appealing to you first, rather than springing something on an unexpecting partner. Take what appeals to you, use this as a springboard for your own creativity, and leave the rest. Maybe together you’ll discover something new you’re both into.

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