5 Erogenous Zones to Try Out Aer's Pulses
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5 Erogenous Zones to Try Out Aer's Pulses

Created on 20/02/2024
Updated on 21/02/2024

Dame launched Aer, our suction toy, in 2021 and the reviews since have been…pretty good: 

Deanna G: “Treat yourself to an eyes rolling to the back of your head, toe curling, back arching, warm & tingly experience anytime, every time.”

Marie: “It almost works too well and too fast. In the past I've used vibrators to warm up and slowly build the pleasure. This vibe takes me from zero to 60 in no time. It's easy to have multiple orgasms.”

Bob B: “If anyone is concerned about the sound level from this toy, it is nothing compared to how loud my wife is when using it.”

So, yeah, Aer is really fun. It’s a type of sex toy called a suction toy. These innovative devices, leveraging suction technology, have redefined pleasure and intimacy, offering a plethora of stimulating experiences. But where exactly on the body can you indulge in Aer’s delights? Let's explore the diverse erogenous zones that can benefit from Aer's pleasure pulses. 

1. Nipples:

Nipples, with their rich network of nerve endings, are prime candidates for suction toy exploration. Aer offers a blend of gentle suction and pulsation, delivering exquisite sensations that can intensify arousal and pleasure. Whether enjoyed solo or with a partner, using a suction toy on your nipples can provide a pathway to heightened sensitivity and blissful sensations.

2. Clitoris:

The clitoris, renowned for its role in pleasure, is a hotspot for suction toy indulgence. Aer is sometimes said to mimic the sensation of oral stimulation, using suction and pulsation to create waves of pleasure that culminate in powerful orgasms. With its ergonomic design and customizable settings, Aer caters to individual preferences, helping you get there your way.

3. Perineum:

The perineum, located between the anus and the scrotum or vulva, is a lesser-known erogenous zone that holds immense potential for pleasure. Aer can offer the perineum gentle suction with targeted vibration, stimulating it and eliciting sensations of arousal and pleasure. By exploring this often-neglected erogenous zone, you can discover new dimensions of pleasure and satisfaction.

4. Ears:

Ears may seem unconventional, but they are surprisingly sensitive to stimulation, making them an intriguing erogenous zone for exploration. Aer’s opening can create gentle suction around the ears, heightening sensitivity and arousal. The tantalizing sensation of suction combined with whispered words or soft caresses can create an intimate and exhilarating experience, enriching sensory pleasure and deepening connection.

5. Neck:

The neck, with its delicate skin and abundance of nerve endings, is a sensual playground ripe for exploration. Using Aer on your partner’s (or your own!) neck offers a gentle yet invigorating experience, creating a vacuum-like sensation that stimulates the skin and enhances arousal. Whether enjoyed as part of foreplay or during intimate moments, suction toys can evoke feelings of sensuality and desire, adding a new dimension to pleasure.

Whether you’re just getting to know the world of pleasure or have a nightstand full of toys, Aer makes a great addition. Suction toys have opened up a world of possibilities for sensual exploration and pleasure, offering innovative ways to stimulate a variety of erogenous zones. From nipples and clitoris to perineum, ears, and neck, Aer caters to  preferences and desires, inviting you to embark on a journey of self-discovery and sensual fulfillment.

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