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How Vibrators Can Increase Arousal

Created on 06/01/2019
Updated on 13/10/2022
We all use vibrators differently. For the most part, we’re looking for sexual satisfaction, an eruption of energy, a climax. But did you know that vibrators can be a great tool to get you in the mood? Many of us use a vibrator once we’re already somewhat aroused. For instance, when you’re watching Outlander and your lower chakras call out to you say, “I’m here, I’m here!” In this typical arousal scenario, your body and mind have already have the first move together. But vibrators can also help you get into the mood in the first place when you’re not already feeling it. That’s right: they can jump-start your arousal from zero. A study by Dr. Debby Herbenick at Indiana University (2009) showed that women using vibrators reported a greater likelihood of orgasm, increased sexual desire, an easier time achieving arousal, more self-lubrication (meaning less discomfort during intercourse), and equal or better sexual satisfaction, compared to those who don’t use vibrators. And a recent review of evidence stated that genital vibration is a potential treatment for sexual dysfunction in both men and women (Rullo, 2018). Dr. Ian Kenner, sex therapist and author of New York Times bestseller She Comes First elaborates: “Persistent, consistent stimulation of the clitoris is at the heart of generating sexual arousal for women, and I often recommend vibrators to my patients who want to amplify their pleasure during partnered and non-partnered sex. Not only can vibrators be fun and novel, they are also therapeutic in the treatment of many common sex problems such as inhibited arousal and difficulty with orgasm. “Pleasure isn't always easy to achieve: there are life stressors, the side effects of common medications, health and lifestyle issues and the vestiges of trauma that can all get in the way of generating arousal. To counter these sexual inhibitors, we also need strong sexual excitors and a vibrator is a simple, direct way to potentially increase the ratio of excitation to inhibition. I always advocate to my patients to increase their sexual ‘cliteracy’ and to use vibrators to close the orgasm gap that often occurs during partnered sex between men and women." Makes sense, right? Arousal is a matter of getting mind and body working together in tandem, so it’s understandable that a kickstart to the body might be just the nudge your mind needs to follow suit. And best of all, a vibrator is an affordable, drug-free alternative to expensive pharmaceuticals. Try it out next time you’re in the mood to get in the mood!

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