Tips for Enjoying Fin
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Tips for Enjoying Fin

Created on 29/10/2018
Updated on 14/10/2022
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We’ve collected tips from our testers and customers on all the different ways to enjoy Fin, whether it be massage, foreplay, partnered, or solo play.

Tether on. Tether off. Pointed side. Softer side. At your fingertips or near the palm. Above or below the hand. You can change how you wear Fin to get the sensations and mobility you want. There’s no right or wrong way to use Fin — it works the way you work.

  • If Fin is slipping around, try holding it mid-finger or closer to the palm. To increase skin-to-skin contact, try holding it “upside-down,” behind your fingers.

  • Try adding a dot of lube to the underside of Fin to kick things up a notch. (Remember: never use silicone lube with silicone toys).

  • Play around a bit! Try Fin on your nipples, your hips or your inner thighs to get used to the new sensations and figure out how Fin moves against your skin.

  • Fin is not only for people with vulvas, it’s great for penises as well. Try lightly stroking the head of a penis with your fingertips buzzing away underneath your touch.

  • Fin is great for teasing! Experiment using Fin over your underwear and clothing for added excitement.

  • Remember to try a different speed when in a different position, or at a different stage of your arousal.

  • There are two sides to every story, just like Fin! You can switch from more pinpoint stimulation to more broad stimulation by changing which end is closer to your fingertips, and which is closer to your palm! (And you don't even need to remove the tether to do so).

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