Dame Is Now Offering Workshops!
Sexual Wellness

Dame Is Now Offering Workshops!

Created on 11/08/2020
Updated on 13/10/2022
Intimacy is a multifaceted onion, the layers of which you could peelback indefinitely. After five years of developing physical tools to enhance your intimate life, Dame decided to create first-class online workshops to help you peel back the layers, overcome blockers, gain clarity, and have more fun in the bedroom. Toys are just one tool to enhance your sexual pleasure; the brain is our biggest sexual organ. Our instructors are therapists, health practitioners, and thought leaders from an array of fields. We’ve worked closely together to develop an ever-changing menu of courses, touching on subjects like relationship help, communication, breathwork, processing trauma, couple’s massage, and re-igniting the spark, to name a few. Dame's workshops are interactive: You’ll be able to ask questions directly to our experts. You’ll also get an email from our team within 48 hours with other goodies like recordings, further reading, exercises, and where to reach the instructor. Your sexuality and intimate practice doesn’t exist in a finite bubble—they're the result of your experiences, knowledge, and perspectives, and those all change over time! Taking a holistic approach to sexual wellness means addressing intimacy from all angles. Join us for a workshop and see for yourself!

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