The Top Eight Condom Brands Ranked by Comfort and Sensitivity
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The Top Eight Condom Brands Ranked by Comfort and Sensitivity

Created on 28/06/2023
Updated on 28/06/2023

If you’re in the market for condoms, then you may want to consider a few things before you make the purchase. Condoms haven’t historically been synonymous with pleasurable sex in the same way that unprotected sex has. Unfortunately, this has led to them getting a bit of a bad rap, and can be a reason why many people avoid using them.

But let’s reassess the situation. Condoms have come a very long way, and with plenty of options on the market, there is no need to compromise comfort or sensitivity when having safe sex.

Sex and relationships therapist and educator, Emily King, says “as a barrier method of contraception, they protect against both pregnancy and infection. With growing awareness of the side effects that some people face while on hormonal birth control, it’s a great time to have a look at the variety of condoms now available thanks to the rapidly growing sexual wellness industry.”

We don’t have to compromise on comfort and sensitivity by choosing to use condoms. In fact, the right condoms can provide just that. Safe sex isn’t just limited to prevention of risk, it’s also emotional, mental and physical well-being and comfort. If hormonal contraceptives aren’t for you, or you have multiple sexual partners, condoms provide peace of mind while enjoying sexual pleasure.

When used in the right way, condoms are 98% effective at preventing pregnancy, and can also protect against some STIs.

Many of us have likely experienced the feeling that we’re seriously inconveniencing someone by requesting they use a condom. Was it the eye roll or the sigh that gave you that impression? Finding a brand you love can make you feel empowered to uphold your boundaries, prioritising what safe sex looks like for you. On your terms. 

In order to make an informed decision about what condoms are right for you, King has provided her expert opinion on what you should consider.

Size Matters

The rumours are true. Those with a penis who have had negative experiences with condoms, have likely not paid attention to sizing. Condoms should feel snug, but not tight. Penises should be measured while erect, using a measuring tape for length and some string for girth. Sizing per manufacturer does vary so it’s helpful to pay attention to specific size guides. Finding the correct fit will improve sensation. “If feeling sensation continues to be a struggle despite finding the right size, I suggest looking at masturbation habits and making changes to re-sensitise,” says King.

Feeling and Function

Think about what kind of sex you are having and how you want it to make you feel. Whether you’re having vaginal, anal, oral, or all of the above, there’s an option for you. 

Never Compromise Your Values

Even, or perhaps especially, when it comes to sex. If you’re passionate about sustainability and a community ethos, look to a brand that priorities its materials and manufacturing process. If you’re especially concerned with the risk of pregnancy or infection, go for an extra safe option.


You should also consider what material build-up you’re looking for. Latex condoms are the most popular, although many people have latex allergies, and latex can't be used with oils and oil-based lube. There's also polyisoprene condoms which are a great non-latex option, and polyurethane condoms, although they're generally less comfortable.

So, with plenty of options on the market and all tips considered, it’s time to break down the top eight brands for comfort and sensitivity.


HANX ultra-thin condoms are available for one off orders or on subscription, which means that you’ll always be covered, literally. HANX's sex-positive, anti-awkward approach to the contraception conversation makes it easier to keep yourself and your partners safe, all whilst being ultra-thin and ensuring great sensitivity levels. Forget numbing gels, stickiness, or any added novelties, HANX condoms are designed with gynaecological health in mind, so you don’t need to worry about a follow-up yeast infection.

2. Durex

The new Nude condom range is the thinnest in the Durex range and comes in three different fits to enable more pleasure, and help people have the best sexual experience possible. This range totally goes against the ‘one size fits all’ approach, which is a step in the right direction for sexual health.

3. Trojan

For those that want to maximise the time they’re having sex, but don’t want to compromise on sensitivity, Trojan Extended Pleasure condoms are a great option. They’re made with a smooth lubricant that helps ensure that pleasure lasts longer. The brand’s BareSkin range is also great for those looking for a more realistic feel.

4. Smile Makers

To maximise pleasure for both parties, Smile Makers’ Come Connected Condoms are made with ultra-thin 100% natural rubber latex with no spermicide, parabens, flavouring or colouring and are extra-lubricated. Better still, the condoms are vegan and biodegradable. Each condom is extra lubricated for comfort and protection.


SKYN's Excitation condoms provide intense stimulation and maximum pleasure with some interesting additions. Intensely raised studs are placed in a wave-like pattern and combined with a cooling lubricant, all whilst remaining extra-thin and latex-free.


HEX condoms are from the sexual pleasure brand, LELOL. The ultra-thin condoms are designed to bring users sublime sensation. Featuring a hexagonal structure that is textured on the inside for a better grip, these condoms are amazingly both thin and strong, with lubrication designed to increase comfort and neutralise the latex smell.

7. Sustain

Sustain are quite literally that - sustainable, using effective ingredients and are transparent about how their products are made. Sustain offers XL, tailored fit, comfort fit and ultra thin condoms to choose from. Ensuring things stay put, and you remain safe, Sustain’s condoms are lubricated inside and out to keep you comfortable.

8. ONE

Scientifically developed to increase pleasure for both parties, ONE's Pleasure Plus condoms has an added pouch with a ribbed texture, to increase pleasure for both partners as it moves back and forth.

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